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6 signs you may have overspent at Christmas

No mun, no fun, so they say.
Jan 2nd 2014, 8:00 AM 7,196 1

WHILE CHRISTMAS IS A time of great joy and celebration, what follows is the darkest time of the year for those awaiting their January payday.

During this time you may discover you have been a tad over-joyous, and celebrated just a little too vigorously, much to the detriment of your finances.

Here are the signs that Christmas has wreaked havoc on your bank account.

You’re STILL eating Christmas leftovers

leftovers Source: Flickr/kalleboo

Paired with whatever you can find in your cupboards. Turkey and Koka noodles, anyone? Here, have some congealed cranberry sauce with that.

You are forced to go on the dry

drinking-water Source: Meowgifs

Not to detox after Christmas, but because you simply cannot afford to go out.

You fear the January electricity bill

giphy Source: Giphy

All those fairy lights seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, but now…not so much.

You hate your friends who have birthdays in January

tumblr_lvlzc9QStE1qcvyp7 Source: Tumblr

Sorry, but did you not get enough presents for Christmas? And now you have the cheek to organise a night out? De-friended, blocked, reported.

The January sales mean nothing to you

Photocall - 11 ARNOTTS SHOPPERS 00048211 Source: Photocall Ireland

Why should you care about cut-price goods? By the time your next payday rolls around, they’ll be long gone.

You’re regretting all those battery-operated Christmas presents

rocking horse Source: Flickr/rengber

And trying not to think of the carnage when the kids’ Santa presents run out of batteries. Let’s not go there. Why didn’t you get them a good old-fashioned rocking horse?

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