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This guy went viral for breaking his laptop to stop his mam catching him on Pornhub

*hangs head*

OK, IT’S A NIGHTMARE situation for some. But how many people would go this far to shield their poor mammy’s eyes from the perversions of porn?

A tweet from one Denzel Michael has been going viral today for its sheer absurdity:

Yes, he threw the laptop across the room and broke the screen. *claps*

“I had no other choice.” Em, we don’t know, shut the laptop lid? Mute the sound?

On being asked how he would explain the broken screen to his mother, Denzel reasoned:

No idea. Can make up a story of something dropping on it, can’t explain why I’m on Pornhub.

Er, OK. Tell us, did he have the right reaction, in your opinion?

Poll Results:

No. Are you crazy? (881)
Yes. Everyone knows you do what must be done in times like these. (632)

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