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Brother of the year* puts his sister up for sale on eBay for £50

*Worst brother ever. He even listed her as ‘used’. Brat.
Oct 29th 2014, 5:58 PM 35,129 31

A BRITISH MAN was so concerned with finding his 27-year-old sister the perfect man that he decided to put her up for sale on eBay.

Perturbed by the fact that his sister Sammy had been single for a year, 28-year-old Kyle Maalem from London set up an auction entitled ‘Date my sister 27′ with a starting bid of fifty quid - £50 is the going rate for a sister, apparently. 

ebay-sister Source: Screengrab via Metro

The listing read:

My sister is unlucky with finding a real man. So me and my family are looking for someone who is a great guy… Loving. Faithful. Normal. Must have a job. No bums please… Must be decent looking.

Postage and packing is free, but Kyle did ‘warn’ potential bidders that his sister is a ‘used’ item. Nice of him.

The ad has been deleted (probably because you can’t auction human beings on eBay) and Sammy was rightfully “livid” at her brother’s brass neck, telling the Mirror:

Kyle has been threatening for years to put me on eBay but I never took him seriously, so I was shocked to see myself on there – it was quite scary. It was funny but listing me as used definitely wasn’t – the cheek of it.

Noogies and Chinese burns are the only solution, Sammy. Go get him.

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