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This company wants to bring 'bum wipes' to your bathroom

Loo roll is “primitive”, apparently.

Michael Dublin, holding a package of 'buttwipes'.
Michael Dublin, holding a package of 'buttwipes'.
Image: YouTube

SO, TOILET PAPER. We all use it. It works, pretty much.

One-ply, two-ply, three-ply. White, pink avocado. Scented for all you high-class bathroom users.

Well, it could all be a thing of the past if a new endeavour has its way. One Wipe Charlies are being marketed as a “life-changing way to solve the problem”.

Yes, they are essentially wet-wipes for your bottom – or as the marketing blurb charmingly puts it, “buttwipes”.

In a video about the product, company CEO Michael Dubin explains that One Wipe Charlies are a more advanced way to get your bottom-cleaning done quickly.

Whatever you’re using now, it’s primitive. Toilet paper takes forever. You shouldn’t have to be Special Forces to extract the bad guy with speed and precision.


They’ll only be available in the US to begin with and will cost $4 (€3) for a 40-wipe pack. Which, if the name is to be believed, is enough for 40 visits to the little boys’ room.

The company claims in an interview with Business Insider that 51 per cent of American men are already using wipes as part of their post-Number-Two regime, and 16 per cent use ONLY wipes with no loo roll at all.

What do you reckon? Would they work for you?

Poll Results:

Bog roll 'til I die. (133)
Um, I'd give them a go I guess? (112)
I'm already using wipes - this isn't the 19th century any more. (88)

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