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Last year
Sacked police officer charged after shooting teenager eating a burger in his car
James Brennand, 25, was charged in the October 2 shooting of Erik Cantu, 17, according to a police statement.
All time
McDonald's Ireland will 'watch what happens' as US outlets make switch to fresh beef
The fast food giant will be serving fresh, not frozen, Quarter Pounders at all of its US outlets.
Belgian King vs Burger King: Country's royal family outraged at fast food chain ad
An online ad asks users to choose between King Philippe or Burger King.
Creator of Big Mac dies at age of 98
Jim Delligatti’s son said his late father ate at least one 540-calorie Big Mac a week for decades.
A takeaway in Tipperary has invented the 'battered burger cheeseburger'
The Wurly Burger is Dublin's most underappreciated chipper delight
Bring the Wurlies back.
This place down under makes cheeseburger croissants and they look unreal
Creative geniuses.
Burger King is launching these mad-looking red burgers in Ireland today
We tried the first ever In-N-Out burgers sold in Ireland
Dublin has been hit with famous burger fever.
The world isn't ready for the Sunday roast burger
This restaurant has created a 'Sunday roast burger' and frankly, it looks insane
McDonald's just confirmed a Ballymaloe relish and kale Irish artisan burger
And Charleville Cheddar!
McDonald's just confirmed a Ballymaloe relish and kale Irish artisan burger
And Charleville Cheddar!
Burger King's red burgers are a clever way of saving money
But would you eat them?
Interactive map: The price of a Big Mac all around the world
Attention fast food enthusiasts…
1,080-calorie hotdog-burger (with crisps) will 'appeal to US patriotic spirit'
Jimmy Kimmel said the burger was “like eating a petting zoo”.
7 essential mince dishes you need to learn to cook
It’s more than just spag bol (but relax – we have that too).
The McDonald's of the future is in Australia
The company’s losing money, so here’s what it’s doing to get people eating there again.
TV producers probably regretted getting this guy to review a burger
“It’s good to pleasure yourself once a week.”
Burger King is paying for the wedding of a couple named Burger-King
It was the sound thing to do, really.
Ireland's 10 favourite burger toppings have been decided
And some of them might surprise you.
This is what it's like to eat a 20,000 calorie burger
Or try to, at least.
The deep-fried mac and cheese burger is the latest to melt hearts
Figuratively, and possibly physically.
'McEverything' burger combines every single McDonalds sandwich
Yours for just over €100. (If you’re in the US.)
How many of these unconventional burgers do you want to try?
There’s a lot going on in burger land, people.
Woman dislocates jaw trying to eat triple-deck burger
She felt a “cramp” in her tongue… then had to go to hospital.
This burger contains 9,000 calories
That’ll do for lunch.
What the hell is a ramen burger?
It’s delicious apparently, that’s what.
Here Is What Happened Today: Monday
Everyone’s talking about the continued Dublin Bus strike, a test-tube burger, and a bomb blast in the Philippines.
Pics: This is the world’s first test tube burger
The burger, which cost nearly €250,000 to produce, will be unveiled by Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University in London later today.
Poll: Would you eat a lab-grown burger?
The world’s first lab-grown burger will be sampled in London today but would you be tempted to take a bite.
The British chancellor's choice of a posh burger is front page news in the UK
George Osborne’s decision to have a burger has caused some controversy in the UK…
This is what a McDonald's hamburger looks like after 14 years
Surprisingly, only the pickle has suffered the onslaughts of time.
10 foods that are dangerous to eat in public
Knowledge is power.
McAdam Foods "shocked" to discover equine content was in its meat products
The company also said it supplied 60 tonnes of beef to Silvercrest foods, contrary to reports that it had supplied 170 tonnes.
Company behind the horse burgers scandal apologises
ABP Food Group said they will introduce a testing regime, including DNA testing for all meat products following the FSAI findings.
Joakim Noah 'regret' after trying 3-pointer to win burgers for Bulls fans
Bulls fans can get a free Big Mac if the team scores 100 points in a home win, so when the ball fell to Noah with three seconds left, there was only one thing to do.
You call that a cheeseburger?
THIS is a cheeseburger.
Ordering a burger meal with all the trimmings? Read this first...
SafeFood has revealed that a burger meal can contain up to 100 per cent of an adult’s daily amounts for calories, fat and salt.
McDonald's answers: why do the burgers look different in the pictures?
Watch the behind-the-scenes video of what a quarter-pounder goes through in order to make it into an ad…