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9 burgers that should have never been allowed to happen

Stop this madness.
Aug 27th 2015, 3:33 PM 5,599 4

IT’S NATIONAL BURGER Day, which is deeply exciting.

Why not celebrate by not eating one of these creations? Your heart will thank you for it.

1. The Chip Burger

Yes, you read that correctly. Someone, namely the Vuglar Chef, fashioned a burger bun out of french fries.

End this madness.

chip-burger Source: TheVulgarChef

2. The Alphabet sandwich

Can anyone actually eat that monstrosity? The verdict is out, but we’d guess NO. Look at this beast. There are 26 ingredients in it (one starting with letters of the alphabet) and it’s just insania.

AlphabetSandwich2 Source: Dudefoods

3. The fatty melt

A burger, surrounded by two grilled-cheese sandwiches. Who ever OKed this?

fatty-melt-2-thumb-1500xauto-419741 Source: Seriouseats, Robyn Lee

4. Cronut burger

Can you not.

hqdefault Source: Ytimg

5. Mac and cheese burger

Mac and cheese, deep fried bun. Healthy.

mac-cheese-attack-burger Source: Rockitburgerbar

6. Lasanga

So much to judge here.

lasagna-burger-cut Source: BlogSpot

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream burger

OK, we’re listening, but it’s unlikely we’ll be swayed.

o Source: Yelp

8. Deep fried pizza bun burger

OK we’re done here. Please exit the world in an orderly fashion.

1511919_10152275231076477_496826297_n-691x518 Source: Burgerdays

9. The ramen burger

So scaldy, so disgusting.. we’d probably give it a go.

tumblr_inline_mqu33jz6c71qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

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