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Suspended sentence for man who broke into woman's home and sexually assaulted her in bed
Anthony Ferguson broke into the woman’s home in July, 2018.
Burglar with history of drug addiction thanks judge for 'saving' his life by putting him back into custody
At a hearing last month Boyle asked Judge O’Connor if he could be sent back to custody because he was struggling and finding it difficult on bail.
London police urge public to respect floral tributes near home where burglar was stabbed to death
Henry Vincent (37) died after a struggle with Richard Osborn-Brooks (78) at his home in Hither Green.
Burglar gets two years after whereabouts pinpointed with locator app on mobile
The court heard the man had been in prison since he was 18.
Suspected burglar gets stuck in takeaway vent for seven hours
He was spotted after shouting to passers-by for help.
Four police officers injured after burglar uses two cars to smash through gates in Ballymena
Busting through the gates with a Ford Kuga was unsuccessful. The suspect had more success with a Volkswagen Polo.
Burglar caught handling safe stolen from house of Voice of Ireland star
The man dropped it from a third-floor balcony.
Burglars are most likely to come through your front door in the early evening
Gardaí are urging people to ensure that houses look occupied.
Florida burglar identified thanks to facial tattoo of, er, Florida
He also has stars tattooed on his face and ‘red rum’ tattooed on his neck.
Suspected burglar killed by alligator 'while hiding from police'
Matthew Riggins was found with injuries that were consistent with an alligator attack.
A woman looking for her cats found a burglar hiding under her bed instead
Actual nightmare.
World's most relaxed burglar feeds dog, makes coffee during break-in
Not a bother on him.
Naked burglar arrested after drinking alcohol in hot tub
The homeowners were not amused.
George Hook gets his stolen credit cards back in mysterious package
The radio presenter’s briefcase had been taken from his car earlier this month.
Burglar busted after having sex with teddy bear and leaving DNA behind
Apologies in advance for this unfortunate mental image.
Wicklow resident unharmed after arriving home to four burglars with a shotgun
The four males who are in their late teens and early twenties were arrested and three of them have been charged.
Burglar armed with knife arrested after stand-off with gardaí
Gardaí said no one was injured in the incident and the residents of the flat were not home at the time.
Burglar caught on CCTV robbing a charity shop in a G-string
He wasn’t scantily clad for long, though. He robbed himself a Batman costume. As you do.
Man offers burglar coffee because he felt sorry for him
He’s a better man than all of us.
Suspected burglar caught in the act by wildlife presenter's camera
The camera had been placed by presenter Simon King to capture urban wildlife.
Almost half of Irish homeowners do not have a burglar alarm
A survey also found that a quarter of people are leaving spare keys in obvious places outside their homes.
16-stone burglar arrested after falling through roof
He plunged through the ceiling into an an apartment below.
Student accidentally shot dead by police while aiming for burglar
The intruder was killed in New York.
Are you 'inviting' burglars into your home?
An AA survey shows that people still leave their keys where burglars can find them – like in a garage or even in the porch.
Man hospitalised after entering canal while being pursued by gardaí
The man was arrested in Blanchardstown after being pursued by gardaí on foot.
Man gets call from burglar... who turns out to be his dog
“Hello, this is dog”
Pensioner dies after confronting burglar in his home
The alarm was raised by the man’s wife after the burglar entered their home in Coleraine in Derry in the early hours of this morning.
Apology fail: Teen burglar blames victims for crimes
“To be honest I’m not bothered or sorry about the fact that I burgled your house,” the burglar wrote in an ‘apology’ to victims.
Man tells police his date is a burglar after his girlfriend shows up
Kevin Gaylor invited a woman he met online to his house, then his girlfriend showed up…
Sunday the busiest day for business break-ins
New figures show that over 40 per cent of break-ins take place at the weekend.