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Bus driver banned from wearing his Santa suit while working

BAH humbug.
Dec 12th 2013, 6:00 PM 33,330 53

THE CHRISTMAS GRINCH has been found, and it’s this bus driver’s boss.

Kirk Rockwell from Vancouver has been dressing as Santa Claus every Christmas for 16 out of the 19 years he’s been a bus driver. But this season, he’s been ordered to remove the red outfit and wear his corporate uniform instead.

Rockwell, however, is adamant to keep the suit on, and says he will do so until December 24. If his bosses don’t like it, they can kick him and his Christmas stuffed toys off the bus.

kirkrockwellbus Source: Global News

Rockwell says he’s not concerned about the outcome of his actions, as his Christmas cheer is more important. Talking to the Vancouver Sun, Rockwell said that he’ll wait to ”see what the company wants to do with me”.

I feel there comes a time when you have to take a stance for something you believe in. This doesn’t hurt anybody, I haven’t had any complaints.

A letter from the Coast Mountain Bus Co. said he had to change his attire despite the driver getting prior approval in November from his immediate supervisor.

Spokesperson for the company Derek Zabel said that the non-negotiable uniform rules are new this year and prohibits charity clothing or dressing up for any other specific causes and events.

The reasoning behind the new rules are to keep drivers identifiable by the public and to maintain respect and professionalism. However, drivers are free to wear a Christmas themed hat or tie on the job.

The bus passengers say the suit will be missed. Kirk is asked for an average of 65 photos a day and says that people love seeing Santa pull up to the curb to pick them up.

I’ve been blessed to touch some people’s lives in a positive way. If I can make someone feel good, there will hopefully be a ripple effect.

If anything, wearing the suit has proven to have a positive effect in terms of driver security. According to Global News, Rockwell has “never had a fare dispute while wearing a Santa suit”.

He’s never gotten into a fight or had to deal with a belligerent passenger. I think it all comes down to, who wants to get on Santa’s naughty list? Nobody is going to give a hard time to somebody who is so cheery.

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