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# Caffeine

This year
US food agency called on to investigate caffeine levels of Prime energy drink
Prime is among a growing number of beverages with elevated levels of caffeine.
All time
Women who are pregnant or trying for a baby should avoid caffeine altogether, research suggests
The current guidelines from the HSE suggest that pregnant women drink no more than 200mg of caffeine per day.
Energy drinks contain up to 17 spoons of sugar and twice as much caffeine as an espresso
Overall energy drinks manufacturers have reduced the sugar content in their products since the sugar tax was introduced.
Three cups of coffee a day increases your chances of a migraine, according to new research
One to two caffeinated drinks were reported to have no impact on migraine odds but any more than that increased the likelihood of one occurring.
Boots bans sale of energy drinks to under 16s
The pharmacy chain will no longer sell energy drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre to children under 16.
Aldi banning sale of energy drinks to under 16s
Customers buying soft drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre will be asked to prove their age.
Teenage boy in US died after drinking energy drinks too quickly
Davis Allen Cripe, 16, collapsed at school and later died in hospital.
Here's the maximum amount of caffeine you should drink in a day
The amount of caffeine in various drinks — or even the same drink from a different chain — can vary dramatically.
'Everything is potentially toxic - even coffee and chocolate'*
*But it’s really really hard to overdose on either.
This is what coffee does to your body
It’s the mostly widely used psychoactive drug in the world.
5 scientific ways to get more wired on coffee
You need this article. Don’t pretend otherwise.
6 simple ways to cut back on your coffee expenses
Fund the addiction the cheap way.
Ireland is basically the European champion of tea drinking*
*When it comes to having it as a caffeine source anyway.
11 items all caffeine addicts need in their life
Short of an IV, that is.
Your five-a-day of COFFEE could help reduce your risk of heart disease
You might be pushing the safe limit for caffeine after that.
10 indulgent boozy coffees you can make at home
Get drunk while you wake up.
Training and love coffee? Here's what you need to know
A study by American scientists Riley and Buxton found that up to and including four coffees a day doesn’t actually dehydrate you.
Here is what coffee actually does to your brain
That damn adenosine.
Astronauts on the International Space Station are finally getting an espresso machine
The specially designed espresso machine will be able to serve hot, freshly brewed coffee while in zero gravity.
Someone at this Dublin coffee shop needs an espresso, STAT
Mood emergency.
The 13 types of coffee drinker
We’re all just slaves to the sweet nectar.
8 GIFs that prove coffee is a beautiful, beautiful thing
15 signs you are a hopeless coffee addict
Are you exhibiting these symptoms?
15 coffees that are just too pretty to drink
Latte art. Put it in a museum, stat.
Drugged Spiders Spinning Webs Archive Experiment of the Day
This is what happens to their spinning skills when they light up a doobie.
Why is the US investigating added caffeine in foods?
You may be surprised by the beverages and foods containing the stimulant… even chewing gum.
Do you need the world's strongest coffee?
Because here it is. It’s three times the strength of normal coffee and called ‘Death Wish’.
10 ways that drinking too much coffee can destroy your body
Back away from the cappuccino – it’s trying to kill you.
7 tricks to waking up earlier
Rise and shine sleepyheads, it’s a new day.
Which profession drinks the most coffee?
Survey finds half of US workers say their productivity would be affected if they went without coffee.
Billionaire inventor of Red Bull dies aged 80
Chaleo Yoovidhya was ranked as the 205th richest person in the world with an estimated fortune of €3.7 billion.
The Daily Fix: Wednesday
In tonight’s Fix: What you need to know about the Finance Bill, latest on the Tallaght drive-by, and the man who’s betting on the Irish economy…
Looking for your daily caffeine hit? Now you can just inhale it...
A Harvard scientist has created a new product that lets you breathe in your daily dose of caffeine.
High street coffees have 'substantial variations' in caffeine levels
New research suggests the caffeine levels of coffees served by high street shops vary widely, raising concerns over consumption levels by pregnant women.
Coffee helps reduce women's risk of depression: study
US researchers studied the health and caffeine consumption of more than 50,700 women over a decade.
That morning coffee boost? It's all in the mind...
If you’re just enjoying your first cup, we’ve got some bad news.
Energy drinks make kids 'fat, not fit' - study
A study published in an American journal finds that many parents are buying kids high-sugar drinks believing them healthy.
Coffee lover? Blame your genes
If you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or square of chocolate throughout the day to keep you going, it could be because of your genes.