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February 2023
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HSE chief concedes some children are still waiting too long to access mental health services
Last month’s interim report on CAMHS outlined a series of concerns on service provision.
January 2023
ISPCC chief: The CAMHS report came as no surprise to anyone caring for children in turmoil
John Church says the recent CAMHS shows just how many young people in Ireland are suffering.
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'We're letting children drop off a cliff edge at age 18': Opposition hits out at CAMHS issues
Sinn Féin’s spokesperson for mental health said it is “downright scandalous” that some young people are not receiving follow-up care such as essential blood tests.
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IMO hits out at Donnelly's suggestion new consultant contract will bring 'consistency' to CAMHS
The Health Minister yesterday said the HSE is seeking to appoint a national clinical lead for youth mental health.
Mary Lou McDonald: CAMHS is not working - we need to act urgently to reform how it operates
The Sinn Féin leader reacts to the CAMHS report this week and outlines her ideas for change.
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Donnelly says recruitment of youth mental health director will bring 'consistency' to CAMHS
The Dáil is to discuss the findings on Thursday.
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Parent's frustration as boy lingers for over a year without mental health assessment 
Figures show admittance rates differing widely for CAMHS teams, ranging between 80% and 30% of children getting accepted.
A parent in Dublin told reporter Eoghan Dalton of the struggle to see her son be accepted for treatment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
A damning report by the Mental Health Commission has noted how acceptance rates 'vary widely' depending on the region where a family is situated
"Deep frustration" has also been expressed by GPs at the "high level" of their vulnerable patients being declined by CAMHS
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HSE carrying out review of children in CAMHS services who did not receive follow-up care
A damning interim report auditing children’s mental health services was published today.
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CAMHS report raises serious concerns about children on medication not getting follow-up care
Some children and adolescents seeking mental health treatment are not getting appointments for up to two years, a new report has found.
Some children and adolescents seeking mental health treatment are not getting appointments for up to two years, Órla Ryan reports
In one catchment area, there were 140 "lost" cases where young people didn't receive follow-up care
Dr Susan Finnerty decided to produce an interim report due to "the serious concerns and consequent risks for some patients"
Report into Kerry CAMHS services 'shocking', says Taoiseach as nationwide audit ordered
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Children’s hospitals ‘seeing astronomical number of young people self-harming’
Dr Mary Cannon said there are only a ‘handful’ of adolescent inpatient mental health beds in Dublin, despite rising need.
Last year
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HSE 'screening' files of patients that may have involved Kerry CAMHS scandal doctor
The ‘screening’ follows a report in January that found 46 children had suffered significant harm.
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Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 'may be detectable years before illnesses begin'
A new study led by UCD suggests the possibility of earlier intervention and even prevention of the illnesses.
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27 children and adolescents stayed in adult psychiatric units in 2021 despite CAMHS capacity
A HSE spokesperson said that in exceptional circumstances this may be in the best interest of the adolescent at that time.
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HSE confirms 11 bed closures at Dublin CAMHS unit
Sinn Féin’s Mental Health spokesperson says the closures “will create nothing short of a crisis for child and adolescent services in the Dublin region”.
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National audit of CAMHS services to be carried out, Minister confirms
Mary Butler confirmed that the audit will examine prescribing practices and operational guidelines across all diagnosis and CAMHS teams.
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'My son lost his smile': Families say South Kerry CAMHS compensation scheme must be non-adversarial
“There’s nothing really that can compensate for the last four years,” one father said.
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'We're getting no support': Mother claims Midlands CAMHS has 'constantly' let her son down
A full audit into all CAMHS nationwide was announced last week following the publication of a “shocking” report into the South Kerry service.
She said her son has been prescribed the wrong medication "many times", his bloods have not been checked since last summer.
He has been admitted to A&E four times since November after saying he was going to take his own life.
It follows revelations contained in a report last week that 46 children suffered "significant harm" while attending the HSE-run South Kerry CAMHS.
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Families affected by CAMHS scandal will make Garda complaints, says solicitor
A report into Kerry’s mental health services was published this week.
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'Beyond comprehension': HSE CEO apologises to families affected by damning CAMHS report
The report found 227 children were exposed to risk of harm due to the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment of them.
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Report into Kerry CAMHS services 'shocking', says Taoiseach as nationwide audit ordered
Review of 1,300 children who attended the HSE-run South Kerry CAMHS found 46 of them suffered “significant harm”.
'Angry and upset' CAMHS families seek apology from Taoiseach
A review of the care of more than 1,300 children found that 46 of them sustained significant harm.
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HSE apologises to young people over 'care deficiencies' in Kerry mental health services
The executive will issue written apologies to around 250 families.
All time
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Concerns raised for patients due to ‘total absence’ of community mental health services
The absence of supports such as psychiatric intensive care units is impeding access to acute mental health beds, a new report has found.
Opinion: The mental health of our children should be the focus of Budget 2020, not Brexit
A bereaved mother says no child deserves to die because of poorly-resourced mental health services.
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So far this year, 32 children have had to stay in adult mental health units and it's going to continue to happen
HSE said placing children in adult units will ‘continue to be necessary’.
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'Beyond crisis': Almost half of beds for children with mental health needs closed due to safety concerns
Staffing issues are also having an impact.
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‘You’ve got everything now, you should be fine’: How youth workers are helping LGBTI+ people post-marriage referendum
Marriage equality and the Gender Recognition Act were two significant milestones in recent years, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.
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'Disgraceful neglect': Public rally in Wexford today over lack in mental health services for young people
A number of consultants have left the Camhs services in recent weeks and they must be urgently replaced, Sinn Féin said.
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'Major changes' needed as 82 children admitted to adult mental health units
The Mental Health Commission has said services in Ireland are “unsafe and substandard”.
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'I really hope we don't run out of time': Desperate parents share stories of children's suicide attempts
They said they are fighting to keep their children alive while they wait months for services.
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Nurses 'disappointed and angry' after talks to save youth mental health beds collapse
Beds at the child and adolescent mental health services unit at Cherry Orchard Hospital in Dublin have not been refilled due to staff shortages.
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Children's lives 'at risk' over lack of nationwide out-of-hours mental health services
That’s according to one TD who has released figures given to him by the HSE.
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More than 3,000 young people are waiting for mental health referrals
This represents an 11% increase on the same time period last year.
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HSE admits 54 child mental health vacancies are still not filled
This is despite the fact that investment was allocated for these jobs two years ago and demand is rising, with 2,943 children now waiting to see therapists.
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More than 2,500 children waiting for HSE mental health services
A report published today shows 42 per cent have been waiting more than six months to be seen.