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'If you think you have a symptom, get checked - bowel cancer is a silent killer'
It’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this month.
# men's health week
'I was a firefighter at the time so I had an idea of what the body was doing to me. It was telling me to cop on'
64-year-old Rory Mooney has had to face cancer twice. Like many men, he was reluctant to get his symptoms checked.
# mental toughness
'I thought I had choked and lost my only opportunity at winning a major'
Padraig Harrington on choking at majors, winning it all and blocking out the media noise.
# a load of hot air
Chris O'Dowd is helping a UK charity raise money to build a very rude hot air balloon
Don’t worry though, it’s all for a great cause.
# nomakeupselfie
There's a male alternative to #NoMakeUpSelfie, and it's completely NSFW
Not for the sensitive.
# skyballs
Chris O'Dowd wants to build the world's largest flying scrotum
No, really.
# Baseball
The MLB banned players from using breast cancer awareness bats
Poor form.
Column: We made our cancer awareness campaign ‘sexy’ – here’s why
Scantily-dressed models promoting cancer awareness? If it saves one life, it will have been worth it, writes Conor O’Leary.
The Tutu Project: Man wears frills for breast cancer
The story of one man, his pink tutu, and his plan to raise funds for breast cancer.