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It's officially cans by the canal weather

Sure what else would you be doing? Washing?
Apr 24th 2014, 7:30 PM 4,307 3

TAKE A LOOK outside. Glorious weather, what’s your first thought?


Alcoholic or simply a cola, we all enjoy a tinned beverage in a field or by some water once that sun comes out.

A liquid picnic, some might say.

Twitter hasn’t been holding back with the bit of sun

IDShot_225x225 Source: Tesco

Simple as


Spare a thought for those with exams though

And those with battle injuries

In conclusion, we have scientifically formulated this simple equation

beer3 Source: Shelflife


Cross Guns Bridge Area Of Dublin.







These pictures prove summer is almost here…>

Confirmed! RTÉ weather say there’s good drying out there>

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