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# can't cope
The Euro elections aren't looking great for FF and a veteran ex-MEP says 'lessons weren't learned'
In the Midlands Northwest constituency, the two Fianna Fáil candidates could get just 9% of the vote between them.
# can't cope
Chris Smalling: Arsenal couldn't handle Man United's two-man attack
The England defender said playing Romelu Lukaku alongside Anthony Martial paid dividends on Saturday afternoon at the Emirates.
# shook
People are SHOOK because Niall Horan finally dropped his first solo single
He’s done a Beyonce, a very mild Beyonce.
# can't cope
Dustin from Stranger Things has the most adorable Instagram, and nobody can cope
“This boy is the purest thing in all of mankind.”
# can't cope
15 things you'll know if you can't cope with the heat
Tis fierce warm.
# can't cope
Clare found the county's oldest Patrick (97) for its St Patrick's Day parade
Retired farmer Patrick Wall will lead the parade in Ennis next week.
# can't cope
The internet can't even handle the possibility of a Lady Gaga/Adele duet
A selfie has prompted rumours that the two are collaborating on a duet.
# can't cope
Cat can't deal with little boy's singing, so lets him know about it
# can't cope
This Doritos pizza crust is tragically not available in Ireland
“Heart eyes emoji*
# can't cope
This is the cutest game of hide and seek that ever happened
# can't cope
Nicole from Connected having a handbag crisis is all of us before pay day
That’s not the right answer, Noel.
# sweatin'
People are already struggling to cope with the heat, REALLY
It’s not even sunny!
# cutesplay
This insanely cute baby predator is just TOO much
# puppy love
Bulldog puppy kisses baby, causes extreme cutesplosion
# sochi-c
9 stages of inadequacy you feel while watching the Winter Olympics
Look at all the people who are so much better than us.
# can't cope
Ireland pulled a collective cringe muscle watching Pussy Riot on the Saturday Night Show
We’ve collected their most fed up faces.
# Blue Monday
11 uplifting moments to brighten up your Blue Monday
It’s not ALL bad.
# can't cope
22 things Irish people hate
How many do you recognise?