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Robbers return mat to Galway nightclub, beat the challenge of a lifetime

All that #ladbanter has finally paid off.
Dec 19th 2013, 2:25 PM 5,527 2

YOU MAY RECALL the scamps who drunkenly pinched a floor mat from Galway nightclub Carbon – the club offered them a reward if they could return it to its rightful place without anybody noticing. Y’know, these lads.

carbon2 Source: Carbon Nightclub Galway

Well…they did it.

Carbon posted this photo to their Facebook page showing a man cradling the mat in his arms, almost as if he had just been reunited with a beloved lost child.

carbon Source: Carbon Nightclub Galway

It was reportedly smuggled back in by a lad “shrewdly dressed as a fat Santa”, who failed to attract the attention of the bouncers. Genius. 

Now they’re free to enjoy the grand prize of a €100 bar tab, a free limo, and VIP entry for them and all their friends. Well done lads. Well done.

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