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These lads took a cardboard cutout of their absent friend on holidays

Things get messy.
Apr 13th 2016, 8:20 PM 7,081 3

THESE PHOTOS OF  a group of lads celebrating a birthday with a trip to Montreal are going viral today.

LrEQ7sH Source: Imgur


Because one of the lads in question is actually a cardboard cut out, and the pictures have been going insanely viral since they were posted to Reddit yesterday.

They claimed the cut out of Kevin was taken with them as his ‘crazy’ fianceé wouldn’t let him go on the trip.

But wait.

Kevin butted in claiming his fianceé is far from crazy, and he never actually got an invitation to begin with because he had young kids at home to take care of.

Oh er.

At least his cardboard cut out had some craic

33g4BIu Source: Imgur

He was getting up in da club

U8oo7bM Source: Imgur

Playing football

yvzAYt8 Source: Imgur

The girls were all over him

OWNqpWM Source: Imgur

Probably because of his sick guns brah

5IkNBds Source: Imgur

He even made friends with the local chefs

0EpLEBC Source: Imgur

And more of the ladies

Rj4Nnoc Source: Imgur


epPHyZr Source: Imgur

Sure enough Kevin noticed the post going viral and he’s NOT happy with his mates:

The Real Kevin Here. Let’s set this straight.
OP asks me if I want to go away for a birthday weekend. I say no day one. This was in January. I was never told where the trip was, only that I needed to go away from Friday to Sunday. That is it. I have a family, and my second daughter was just born. I didn’t want to be away from my family for 3 days. I love them. OP doesn’t seem to understand the concept of family as none of his like him. I propose to him that I bring my family on this undisclosed trip or that we do a day trip. OP says no.

He went on to explain that he hadn’t heard anything of the trip until he saw the photos on Facebook and that he couldn’t even go if he wanted to, as he had no passport.

He also added that that he’s pretty much done with his mates, because they called his fianceé ‘crazy’ and claimed they planned the whole trip as a big prank.


Cardboard Kevin, RIP.

odvwjUu Source: Imgur

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