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# Cardiovascular Disease

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# Cardiovascular Disease
Eating vegetables may not protect against heart disease, study suggests
The findings challenge previous research that suggests eating more vegetables is linked to a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and death.
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# eggcellent
An egg a day may keep heart disease away
Authors of a new study have said the research should not be looked at in isolation as diet is more complicated than just one item of food.
# antiretroviral
Death rates for HIV-positive adults have halved
However, the risk of death from non-AIDS cancers remained stable.
# Diabetes
"A real breakthrough": Study finds exercise will effectively fight heart disease in diabetics
Doctors previously lacked definitive evidence that such treatment was effective.
# sleep tight
Irish researcher tells why lack of sleep is bad for the heart
It’s not so much your blood pressure, as it is how sleep deprivation affects how blood pumps around your body. Yes, science.
# Health
Children of obese mothers 35 per cent more like to die early - study
A joint study by the University of Edinburgh and Columbia University in New York has found that children of overweight mothers are more likely to suffer from heart disease.
# Heart Disease
Heart disease risk in children as young as 10 - study
The study of children from a Dublin primary school showed that 16 had risk factors for cardiovascular disease, while six had high cholesterol.
# Smoking
Smoking is bigger risk for women than men, says new study
Research suggests that women who smoke are significantly more likely to suffer heart attacks.