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These bags look like they are drawn for a cartoon but are definitely real

We literally can’t believe our eyes.
Mar 10th 2015, 4:03 PM 6,885 3

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU thought you knew about fashion – and life.

These are the types of things that can blow people’s minds, and make you question every photo you will ever see again.

Introducing JumpFromPaper – the bag company that makes these

yellow Source: JumpFromPaper

No, they are not cartoons. They are two-dimensional bags that give the illusion of being drawn, but are very real

jump1 Source: JumpFromPaper

They don’t come cheap, either. With prices for their purses, handbags and backpacks ranging from $30 up to $139.99. The company is based in Taiwan, but they do ship to Ireland.

Seriously though, they are real. Here’s an actual person wearing one

paper2 Source: Facebook

The fact that they are not deep like a normal bag means that the drawing itself can create the depth and make it look like a drawing. It’s almost hypnotic

paper1 Source: Facebook

Who wouldn’t want one of these*?

yellow2 Source: JumpFromPaper

*well, ignoring the small matter of the price.

Even real people on Instagram are sharing photos – proving, against all logic, that they are legitimate

bag2 Source: Instagram

bag3 Source: Instagram

Of course, people are both skeptical of the bags but also WANT

We’re just going to lie down for a minute in a bid to stop staring at the bags.

View the full range of bags here*

*warning, bags are addictive.

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