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#cat melodeon

These kind souls threw a lifebuoy into the Liffey to rescue a poor stranded cat

Dozens of onlookers cheered as the cat was winched to safety.

Curious kitten starts house fire, then alerts owners to the blaze

The kitten didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning…

Love cats? Ireland's first cat café is looking for donations

Founder Georgina O’Neill has set up a crowdfunding page to help raise money for the café.

A green cat is roaming the streets of Bulgaria

It’s not easy being green.

This Irish student's Movember 'tache is a work of art

He went wild. Ahem.

Here are some amazing photos of a cat high on (prescribed) Valium

Don’t worry, we didn’t know cats could take Valium either.

A Russian bank is giving out cats to people taking out mortgages

A stroke of marketing genius.

Adorable kittens perform perfectly synchronised routine

Seven little kittens, all in a row.

A cat ran into a door on a French cookery show and it was amazing

And they kept it in the show. They kept it in!

Family call 911 after angry fat cat holds them hostage

The cat was feline a bit crazy. Ahem.

Woman attacked by insane feral cat as she tries to protect her dog

OK, cat-haters, we kind of see what you mean now.