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Gallery: Celine Dion shuts down 'Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion' blog...

Warning: This story features pictures of Celine Dion, which may or may not be ridiculous, and video which is very, very ridiculous…
Jul 31st 2011, 2:26 PM 7,003 7

SINGER CELINE DION has ordered that a website which featured picture of her pulling some strange faces and poses be shut down.

The owner of, which is now defunct and just features a slightly sad drawing of a smiley face, received a letter threatening legal action if the site wasn’t closed and the pictures removed.

Winnipeg Free Press spoke to Nick Angiolillo, the Brooklyn man who created the blog, and he said that he doubted that Celine even knew anything about it and that the action was “not likely initiated by Celine herself”.

He said that the site was a kind of homage to the singer:

I am a legitimate fan of her music and her persona and I think that she’s honestly a very good and caring person. The blog was embraced by the Celine Dion fan community early on.

Angiolillo said he didn’t have the time, money, or energy to get into a legal battle over the blog, so he shut it down. He’s also busy with his other blog, which features pictures of American TV presenter Star Jones wearing hats.

Here are some perfectly normal pictures of Celine Dion…

And in case you weren’t convinced, here’s a video explaining why Celine Dion is so amazing (be advised, the video contains language which some may find offensive):

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