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# Your Say
Poll: Do you put milk on your cereal?
8% of people don’t, apparently.
# breadbasket of europe
Helping Ukraine harvest their wheat crop will help mitigate food challenges ahead, says OECD Sec Gen
Ukraine’s agriculture minister thinks they will be in a position to have a seeding program this year.
All time
# Special K
Can we take a moment to remember how ridiculous Special K advertisements have been over the years?
It’s hard to believe that some of these ever made it to television.
# treat yo self
7 cheap and cheerful advent calendars you'll want to treat yourself to
Let’s not forget the true meaning of the advent calendar: DAILY SWEETS.
# sugary diet
Kellogg's spent millions to attack calls to limit sugar - but are cereals that unhealthy?
Some cereals have plenty of sugar, but Kellogg’s has funded research to argue that health guidelines on sugar are incorrect.
# coco pops for tea
The freedom to have cereal for dinner is what being an adult is all about
# ricicles
8 important feelings every Irish kid had about cereal variety packs
# super cereal
Every Irish household had these Simpsons magnets on the fridge in the 2000s
And many of them still do, no doubt.
# Recall
Have a box of this Weetabix cereal? Watch out for bits of blue rubber
Four batches are being recalled.
# getting cereal
8 signs you're outright obsessed with cereal
You cannot be…
# cereal killers
The two Irish lads from the cereal cafe tried these ancient brands and they were rank
They tried Barbie cereal from 1989 and Bret The Hitman Hart cereal from the ’90s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# you can not be cereal
The Irish lads behind the cereal cafe have actually released a cookbook
That’s Christmas sorted for the cereal lover in your life.
# doing it wrong
It turns out that loads of people use warm milk on their cereal
What fresh hell is this?
# Ryan McHenry
Ryan Gosling reached out to the grieving girlfriend of the man who created his cereal meme
# ryan gosling won't eat his cereal
The creator of the Ryan Gosling cereal meme died, so Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal
A fitting tribute.
# pot noodle
11 cookery commandments all students live by
Dancing with death (or food poisoning, at the very least).
# cereal killers
Dublin could be getting its very own cereal-only café
The owners of London’s new Cereal Killer Café reckon Irish people would love one of their own.
Cheerios releases beautiful and heartwarming 'gay dad' ad
# all i want
Kodaline think that Kellogg's new ad sounds VERY familiar
Kellogg’s are now ‘looking into the facts’.
# cerious business
Irish breakfast cereals: A definitive ranking, from worst to best
It’s the Honey Monster v Tony The Tiger.
# juicy
Drinking two glasses of fruit juice a day is actually pretty bad for you
A survey by the UK’s health body found that breakfast cereals are pushing children’s sugar levels over the recommended limits.
# Bowled Over
Here's why you definitely shouldn't use your mouth as cereal bowl
Why. Why would you do this?
# delicious lies
We all need to admit these breakfast foods are actually dessert
We’re only fooling ourselves here, people.
# Winning
The 13 greatest childhood victories you ever experienced
From winning Monopoly to solid chocolate Kit Kats…
# fancy paper
16 objects you inexplicably collected as a kid
Why do kids want to collect everything?
# Kellogg's GAA
Your 'Snap, Crackle and Pop in Croke Park' picture of the day
Would they be good lads under a high ball?
# Never too old
Are there some things you are never too old for?
Playing in a box… pretending the floor is lava… and 9 more examples.
# Dilemma
The burning question*: Hot or cold milk on cereal?
It’s Monday, so let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# They're Grrreat
11 amazing things you used to get in cereal boxes
Did you dig the prize out the second you opened the box… or wait for it to end up in your bowl?