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# Change generation

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# 2017
Saying goodbye to 2016: What big changes will you make next year?
It’s been a tough one, so all hail 2017.
# Rainy Days
Where does all your money go? A guide to getting a grip on it
Clearing credit cards and a touch of long-term planning – expert advice to help you set out a plan.
# safe not sorry
'But I'm only in my 30s': Why you should make a will
You may think there’s no point at this stage – but here are some scenarios to consider.
# intellifridges
The Smart Home - keeping house through an app
No longer seen as a gimmick, the Internet of Things could soon be the norm.
# smart moves
Should you renovate your house, or move to a different one? We ask the experts
Architect Joe Rossney and builder Raymond Prendergast give their views.
# the checklist
Buying your first home: Tips to keep you sane through the process
This checklist will save you a lot of hassle and stress.
# Under Pressure
Anxious and full of self-doubt? It might be the quarterlife crisis
…And why this crisis is not actually a bad thing.
# Babies
Relax, ignore the mess and accept help - Top tips for new parents
Put down Gina Ford, go with your gut and you’ll get through it.
Popping the question: The right time to ask for a pay rise
How to talk money with the boss and get what you deserve.
# Change generation
QUIZ: Are You Ready To Move In With Your Other Half?
Bye bye flatmates, hello partner? Find out here.
# flying solo
Do the 44% of Irish people who are single in their 30s suffer stigma?
Times have moved on from research in the 1990s which found society less understanding.
# thirty not hurty
Turning 30? Our guide to owning it
Life lessons for your fourth decade.
# all change
Break-ups, career moves and kids - the science of making a BIG change
Moments of crisis or contentment – managing life changes can be done.
# switch it up
Changing careers 101 - Figure out where you want to go
If you are in your 20s, it’s a good time to ring the changes if that’s what your gut is telling you.
# Change generation
Sea swimming and hula-hooping - a social life outside the pub
When going ‘out’ out just doesn’t cut it.
# Change generation
QUIZ: Are You Ready To Settle (Down)?
Are you looking for a change? Let’s see.
# Change generation
Essential home kit you should invest in when you're a grown-up
At some stage, the people who are happy to drink wine from a mug disappear from your life…
# word from the wise
'Don't share so much on social media' - advice for your 20s from those who have been there
Retired people on why you shouldn’t worry ‘until worry worries you’.
# The long game
Know your ARFs from your PRSAs? Our guide to when to start a pension
And what the hell is a PIP? An ARF? We got some experts to answer your questions.
# mo money mo savings
Saving money in your 20s and 30s? It CAN be done - and here's how
We talked to successful savers for their tips on squirrelling it away.
# Change generation
What are the biggest expenses for Irish households?
The roof over our heads, the food in our belly and the means of getting from A to B top the list.
# Change generation
Friendship and colleagues: Can work friends become real friends?
Can workplace bonds cut it in the real world?
The Debate Room: To wed, or not to wed, that is the question
One couple explains why marriage is important to them and another on why they won’t be taking the plunge.
# Change generation
BFFs? Probably not - why we shed friends in our late 20s
Psychologist Niamh Fitzpatrick explains why some friendships have a best-by date.
# Change generation
Punctuality, responsibility, find something that you love: What did you learn on your first job?
Some famous names share their experiences – and yes, first impressions count.
# Change generation
Students: Be productive and make the most of your breaks from college
It’s not all about binging on box-sets: this is the time to feather your CV for future employers.
# Change generation
Decision time: How to decide on the career that's (hopefully) right for you
Choosing a career is one of the most important decision you will ever make – so don’t just fall into it.
# Change generation
Bored and broke? Here are some free things to do this weekend
Bored and out of money? We’ve got some suggestions for free things to do.
# Change generation
The psychology of house sharing: how to get on with the people you're living with
Can’t we all just get along? Former Olympic team psychologist Niamh Fitzpatrick helps us understand why housemates fight.
# Change generation
What one tip would you give students to make the most of college?
Getting the balance right in college can be tough. We asked students how to manage being happy AND productive.
# Change generation
Budgeting is boring? A guide to why - and how - you need to master the purse strings
A third-level student will need at least €11,000 to get through the college year, living away from home.
# Change generation
How to do your Big Shop on a budget
What should be in the basket and what should stay on the shelf?
# Change generation
5 recipes to master on your first time away from home
One to impress, one to kill the pasta craving, the quickest stir fry, top curry and the all-day breakfast.
# Change generation
QUIZ: What Kind Of Flatmates Do You Need?
Whether you’re flying the coop for the first time, or on your millionth houseshare, it’s need-to-know info.
# Change generation
Letters to a Fresher: College graduates tell us what they wish they'd known in first year
We asked three recent graduates to write a letter to their former selves. Here’s what they had to say…
# Change generation
Flying the nest: What to pack and how to settle in
New job, new third-level world, or even just finally getting enough cash to move from your parents’ house to your own space: our guide to getting settled.
# making your mind up
The Change Generation: Milestones, big decisions and the time of your life
For the next three months, we shine a spotlight on a period of huge change for Irish adults.