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# pregnant wife
A newspaper described an Olympic gold medalist as her husband's 'pregnant wife' and people are seething
That’s not how you spell Olympic champion cyclist.
# i'm going back to the start
23 of Coldplay's biggest singles, ranked from worst to best
Look at the stars…
# praying
People are praising the powerful opening monologue in Kesha's new single
“why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known?”
# no worries bra
Just 18 hilarious tweets that will resonate with anyone who wears a bra
Oh, bras.
# sing your heart out
'It's about caterwauling at the top of your lungs': The pure, wholesome magic of Sing Along Social
“It’s a super special feeling to sing along with a bunch of pals and strangers to music that makes us feel good.”
# repeal the eighth
The Onion absolutely skewered Ireland's strict abortion laws in a piece yesterday
We’re making The Onion for all the wrong reasons.
# Well now
The Scottish Tory leader posted a risqué photo of Gillian Anderson as her out-of-office message
Well, it’s certainly unorthodox.
# bad date
This lad's awful behaviour on a first date has totally transfixed the internet
# tin of beans
This photo of food is going viral because it's the perfect metaphor for Brexit
Time for a Bre-entry?
# nice smile
Americans are apologising to RTÉ's Caitriona Perry after Trump told her she had a 'nice smile'
“Caitriona Perry. She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”
# believe women
Why it's enraging that people only believe Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations now that a man has backed her up
Johnny Depp’s former manager has now supported Heard’s allegations. But shouldn’t we have just believed her in the first place?
# put in his place
A Labour MP delivered the most savage burn to Nigel Farage on Twitter after he complained about the BBC
Bravo, David Lammy.
7 genuinely deadly newsletters that will make your inbox a nicer place
Get your subscription fingers ready.
# bag of cans
Here's what happened when I asked every TD if they'd ever enjoyed a bag of cans
Do politicians enjoy bags of cans with the lads? The answers may surprise you.
# in the name of love
17 magnificent moments from today's Dublin Pride Parade
It had it all.
# binge watch
Tell us a Netflix show you loved, and we'll recommend you one to binge next
Your weekend viewing sorted.
A film about a young Irish couple going to England to seek an abortion hits cinemas tomorrow
Here’s everything you need to know about Twice Shy.
# claires
For every girl who spent all her pocket money in Claire's Accessories
Going down to Claire’s, you need anything?
# bin the poo
We need to talk about those grim 'bin the poo' ads in Dublin
Make it stop.
# endless pins
20 Daily Mail headlines that show they truly can't handle seeing women's legs
“Fantastic legs!”
# dear fifi
Dear Fifi: I'm completely unreasonably jealous and it's ruining my relationship
Weekly advice from’s resident sensei Dear Fifi.
# awful
This website is being slated for their 'fatphobic' description of an author who appeared on their podcast
Mamamia has apologised for remarks it made about author Roxane Gay.
# how dare you
Boots are using a Christmas song in their new summer ad, and everyone's giving out yards about it
Don’t toy with us like this!
# summer bops
What is the Song of the Summer for 2017? Here are the contenders
# you played yourself
17 hilarious tweets that sum up how badly Theresa May f**ked it last night
Well, that didn’t go to plan.
# Pint
A photo of a man being evacuated in London last night and refusing to leave his pint behind has taken over Twitter
He has been called a symbol of “Londoners’ resilience”.
# what's the stories
Is Instagram Stories better than Snapchat? We asked some of Ireland's top social influencers
They’re practically the same… or are they?
# can you not
This sexist review of Wonder Woman has people rolling their eyes hard
Ah here, leave it out.
# the real winner
This young woman was declared the 'real winner' of last night's May/Corbyn debate
“I don’t understand why everyone in this room seems so keen on killing millions of people with a nuclear bomb.”
# ooh burn
Just 18 absolutely savage tweets about Theresa May
U OK, hun?
# collagin and tonic
Important: the world's first 'anti-aging gin' is now available in Ireland
Say what now?
# yes she cannes
Jessica Chastain is being praised for 'speaking truth to power' about how women are represented in film
“It was quite disturbing to me to be honest.”
# beach reads
9 books you should most definitely bring on your summer holidays
Pack these in your beach bag.
# who weekly
If you're an absolute fiend for celebrity gossip, Who? Weekly is the podcast of your dreams
Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t.
# thanks for the rec
Thanks For The Rec with... Jarlath Regan
We ask Jarlath Regan for his recommendations in music, film, TV, internet and more.
# martyn hett
Mariah Carey paid tribute to one of her fans who died in the Manchester attack in a really lovely way
# Super Mario
This Cavan man busked as Super Mario to help 'lift the spirits' of the people of Manchester today
# leaving cert nightmare
The Leaving Cert Nightmare is the most stressful part of being an Irish adult
*wakes up in cold sweat*
# times like this
The George had a great response to the homophobic, Nazi vandalism on its wall
“No one can dampen our Glittery, Britney Spears lyric filled hearts on days like these…”
# cringeworthy
Women have been sharing the worst examples of mansplaining they've ever encountered
Including dark matter getting explained to a NASA astrophysicist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯