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Cheating man gets snared via Russia's answer to Google Maps

You’d want to be careful when those sneaky camera cars are around.
Feb 22nd 2013, 11:48 AM 15,597 15

POOR MARINA VOINOVA  was having a casual browse of Russia’s version of Google maps, Yandex Panorama, when she saw a familiar silhouette.

Closer inspection revealed that it was her fiancé, and he was up to no good.  He was in fact, strolling along, hand in hand with his ex-girlfriend.

That was way harsh, Tai.


Poor Marina.  That’s Yandex Panorama ruined for her forever.

You’d want to be careful with those streetview cameras around.  As these scenes from Street View Ireland reveal, they see everything.

Dogs eating ice cream.

Cheeky public urination.

Trolleys as toys.

Even stormtroopers watching our every move.

If you fancy seeing some highlights of what’s on offer from Ireland’s Street View we suggest you head here.

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