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12 ways to combat the back to work blues

After the long weekend, here are some practical suggestions that will actually make you feel better.

IT’S NORMAL TO experience a lot of emotions after a long weekend, and the one we just had was looooong.

The luckiest of you will have had four whole days to lark about eating chocolate and doing whatever else tickles your fancy, which may mean your head is filled with glorious memories and you are generally loving life.

Or, you may be crashing down to Earth with an uncomfortable thump, resulting in you seeing life through grey tinged glasses, or at the most extreme, experiencing some kind of existential crisis.

Fear not, friends.  We are here for you in your time of need.  Here are some things we genuinely think will help you feel happier today.

Start by listening to this playlist

We promise you these Disney Songs will lift your spirits.  The Circle of Life grabs you from the first ‘Ingonyama, ingonyama nengw’ enamabala’.  (Yes, those are the actual lyrics – who knew?)


See also: Hakuna Matata, Under the Sea, and all the other songs on that playlist.  Start listening now.


Look at the calendar

There are only four work days this week.  You can handle that!

Look at the calendar again

It’s 2013.  You’re not doing your leaving cert!  You probably won’t have any homework!

Go for a walk

It’s cold but it’s bright in most places, so maybe an auld wander will lift your spirits at lunchtime or this evening.  There’s even science to back this one up, endorphins and all that craic.  You can’t argue with science.
P.S.  You also get endophins from hugs, so if you have an office buddy who you’re comfortable asking, do it RIGHT NOW.

Play a prank on a colleague

What with yesterday being April Fools Day, no one will expect a prank today, and it will make your day infinitely more amusing.

Obviously, use your brain here, don’t do anything that will get you sacked.


Make yourself a jam sandwich

There is something unbelievably comforting about a lovely bit of jam and butter on some soft white bread.

Also, you can get the ingredients in any shop, so it’s easily accessed.

Via Instagram


Studies show that your emotions are reinforced by your facial expressions, so if you smile, you might feel happier.

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page.  Via Imgur

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

Plan something nice for this evening

Whether it's cooking a nice dinner or meeting a friend for a chat (possibly with some cake?), having something to look forward to will help pass the day.

Via Instagram

Book yourself a treat

If your budget can manage it, why not make an appointment for a hot towel shave or a facial?  Or if those kind of treatments aren't your thing, a massage?

Look how happy they are!  Via Shutterstock

Keep your telly light tonight

Yes, you might be nearly at the end of the latest episodes of Breaking Bad, but perhaps its bleakness won't do you any favours today.

There are two hours of Friends on Comedy Central from 9 tonight and we reckon being welcomed into the warm familiar bosom of your Central Perk buddies will do your heart good.

Don't believe us?  Have a look at this.


Watch these for a while

They're strangely relaxing.

Via headlikeanorange.tumblr.com

And finally, don't forget that this is not forever.  The weekend will come again.

We bet you can’t make it through this post without smiling

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