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13 reasons you’ll want to be eight years old again

Take us there. Please.
Apr 26th 2013, 6:00 PM 18,878 54

1. This would be your most difficult decision


2. Compulsory playtime


3. Talking to yourself wouldn’t seem weird

Flickr/Instant Vantage

4. ‘Treat’ cereal would be a cause for serious excitement


5. Not to mention new school supplies

Wikimedia Commons

6. Forts!

Source: willholmes

7. You could literally spend ALL your money on sweets


8. This would be your primary reason for crying


9. Summer holidays lasting, er… forever?

Flickr/Cast a Line

10. Nap time.

Flickr/Tiger Girl

11. Swimming pool in your garden, anytime you wanted


12. Knowing you could be ANYTHING you want when you grew up

Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video

13. And the fact that if you fell asleep on the sofa…

… you’d wake up in bed.

Flickr/andrewrendell, Flickr/Wonderlane

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