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Quantum Leap actor Dean Stockwell dies aged 85
The actor had a long career, going back to his childhood in the studio system.
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People who had difficult childhood events may be struggling with mental health during pandemic, researchers say
A clinical psychologist at NUI Galway says self-compassion and hope are key to mental wellbeing amid Covid-19.
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WHO warns commercial baby foods contain too much sugar
In around half of products examined, more than 30% of the calories in them were from total sugars.
'Childhood is short and we are robbing it from thousands of children'
Accepting, without ambition to change, the numbers now living in emergency accommodation is fatal to tackling the problem, writes Cliodhna O’Neill of the ISPCC.
# world asthma day
'I've had asthma attacks at school, on holidays, even my debs - I've just had to learn to live with it'
Asthma kills one person every week in Ireland but Cat Kennedy hasn’t let the condition slow her down.
# privacy please
17 struggles you'll only know if you grew up sharing a room with your sibling
# Survival
More Irish children are surviving cancer thanks to medical breakthroughs
There have been “major reductions” in the number of children passing away from the disease.
# Back Home
14 things that are probably still hanging around in your childhood bedroom
So many precious items!
# just breathe
13 things that will only make sense if you grew up with asthma
It ain’t easy being wheezy.
# juvenile arthritis
'He doesn't really know life without pain': Mother speaks of son's battle with juvenile arthritis
Linda O’Dwyer had to wait 18 months to get a diagnosis for her son Tommy – and that was after she went private.
# roalddahlday
13 memories everyone who grew up loving Roald Dahl books will remember
Happy Roald Dahl day.
# sugar do do do do
6 reasons sugar sandwiches were the most indulgent Irish childhood treat
Pleaaaaase can we have one.
# curfew
14 memories that are too real for anyone who grew up with strict parents
“As long as you’re living under my roof…”
# are ya ready kids
A lad from Mayo found his childhood diary dedicated to Spongebob, and it's brilliant
“I wish I was yellow like you and have holes in my body like you.”
# party for one
13 things you'll know if you grew up as an only child
“You’re an only child? That explains a lot.” OH DOES IT?
# ladybird
People are sending lovely well-wishes to one of the original Ladybird illustrators
Get well messages are flooding in for Martin Aitchison.
# nostalgia warning
22 images that will hit you right in the Irish childhood
Right in the feels.
# medical history
8-year-old who lost his limbs to infection gets a double hand transplant
Zion Harvey told doctors that he wanted to swing on monkey bars.
# Home Sweet Home
11 things every Irish girl had in her bedroom growing up
# caravan holidays
The #GrowingUpIrish hashtag expertly captured everyone's childhood
Too much nostalgia to handle.
# Poll
Poll: Should childhood vaccines be mandatory?
California is the latest state in the US to move towards making it mandatory.
# closing down
Dublin’s doll hospital and teddy bear clinic closes today
Melissa and Chris Nolan have been repairing dolls and teddies for over 30 years.
We need to recognise that emotional wellbeing is linked to early childhood experiences
The new Suicide Prevention Strategy launched this week misses one essential point: preventing suicide begins in infancy.
'Government thinks it's perfectly acceptable for childcare workers to have absolutely no training'
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has rowed back on its promise that every childcare worker will need a minimum qualification by this September.
# italia 90 week
Memory lane: The Panini sticker collection of Ireland's Italia 90 squad
Try not to weep with the intense nostalgia coming your way.
# working through tragedy
How do you talk to a child about death?
A new online resource has been launched to help primary school teachers deal with bereavement.
# Your Say
Poll: Can you find the time to read?
Today is World Book Day – but how much do you read?
# path less travelled
This interactive adventure story on Twitter is ingenious
Run or hide?
# Nostalgia
7 Songs From Your Youth That Might Make You Weep
Mary Black, Johnny Logan, The Frog Chorus…
# direct provision
'There’s a growing sense across the country that something is seriously wrong'
A Bishop has called for the conditions in Direct Provision centres to be improved.
Opinion: Pause to appreciate a simple moment – it's what makes life beautiful
The stresses and strains of life were getting me down, but then I did what we so often neglect to do: I embraced the moment.
# Growing pains
Some creches waiting FIVE years between inspections
“It’s just not good enough,” says Early Childhood Ireland.
# Wild thing
7 important life lessons we learned from Maurice Sendak
The author of Where the Wild Things Are would have been 83 today.
# Family Fortunes
Dads who do household chores have more ambitious daughters
But sure you knew that already.
# dib dab
The 12 tastes of an Irish childhood
Our taste-buds were simpler back then.
# Growing pains
7 ways your parents TOTALLY ruined your teenage life
It’s NOT FAIR. I didn’t ASK to be born.
# ice cream please
This sweet Fáilte Ireland ad will take you right back to your childhood holidays
Melting 99s, playing on the strand and getting sand in your togs.
# van turnhout
Seanad motion to stress "there is no place in Ireland for child beauty pageants"
The motion aims to ‘protect childhood from sexualisation’ and oppose further pageants in Ireland.
Column: Would you correct another person’s child?
Is it ever ok to discipline someone else’s child? Martina Newe looks at when you should intervene – and when you absolutely shouldn’t.
# Girl Power
A 7-year-old girl wrote this brilliant letter telling Lego off
‘I want you to let girls go on adventures.’