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GardaĆ­ investigate after teenager stabbed in Limerick takeaway
His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.
# the auld triangle
Glen Hansard was pulled into a singsong in a Westmeath chipper on St Stephen's night
He’s the king of the singsong, in fairness.
# pink sauce
7 different names Irish people have for ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together
What do you call it?
# the brits are at it again
Dara O Briain tweeted about Irish 'chippers', and British people are so confused
# drive through
Car driven through doors of fast food shop in Arklow
Luckily, no one was injured.
# sound lads
This Belfast chipper brilliantly fulfilled this sick customer's gas Just Eat request
Now that’s good customer service.
# on the batter
Which Irish Chipper Foodstuff Are You?
A big battered sausage or a tub of mushy peas? Well?
6 interesting facts from the unique history of Irish-Italian chippers
Chippers and Irish-Italians – they go together like salt and vinegar.
# get yer chips out
14 deliciously filthy bits of Irish chip porn
Happy French Fry Day! Prepare to drool.
# drunk food
This man fell asleep after ordering a filthy chipper at 4am, but the delivery man had his back
There for you <3
# cittaaay
11 pictures of takeaway food from Limerick that will make you drool
Food heaven.
# potato pie
The cheese and onion pie is the Cork delicacy we all need in our lives
Potato in batter? Count us in.
# off the wall
Here's why Cinelli's 'Off The Wall' is the finest chipper delicacy in Dublin 24
It’s like taco chips, but better.
# Mammy's boy
This chipper in Melbourne sells a proper Irish garlic cheese chip
And it looks delish.
# gis a scallop
Scallops are the secret Waterford delicacy the rest of Ireland needs to know about
Spuds on spuds on spuds.
# gravy train to limerick
The delicious gravy from Chicken Hut in Limerick is the best in the country
And no true Limerick person would disagree.
# on the batter
The battered sausage is the only thing you should be getting in the takeaway, TBH
Apart from chips, obvs.
# bandon road
Here's why Jackie Lennox is hands down the best chipper in Cork
No argument.
# mullen it over
Here's why Mullen's chipper is a Dundalk takeaway institution
And Drogheda. But mainly, spiritually, Dundalk.
# doolys
Here's why Dooly's is a beloved Waterford chipper institution
The best around.
Here's why McDonagh's is the most beloved chipper in Galway
Simply the best.
# king creole
Here's why KC's in Douglas is the jewel in Cork's chipper crown
Absolutely mint.
# the kip
Here's why Capri Grill is a beloved Naas chipper institution
Kildare’s finest.
# as it stank like hell
The 9 distinctive smells of Dublin
A breath of fresh air, indeed.
# chipper
Here's why Luigi's is the darling of Longford takeaways
The best chips in the country, they say.
# want
10 pictures of takeaway food in Cork that will make you drool
Absolute heaven.
# battered sausage
16 chipper porn pics to get any Irish person hot and bothered
# sauuuuuce
16 disgraceful food porn pics for takeaway enthusiasts
My neck, my back…
# curry chips please
9 reasons why getting food is the best part of a night out
Fight us.
# more than a chipper
This restaurant in London will only serve chips and it looks so good
What else do you need?
# chipper chips
9 mouthwatering ways to take your bag of chips to the next level
Brighten up that brown bag.
# burger day
An important and definitive ranking of fast food burgers
This decision is FINAL.
# Chip off the old block
Chips: An important and definitive ranking
McDonald’s. Supermacs. Burger King. Who will come out on top?
# horse inside
Horse gallops into chipper in Listowel
A nosebag of floaters please.
# Chip chip hooray
The 10 people you meet in the chipper after a night out
Where the magic happens.
# Salt and Vinegar?
19 chippers to visit in Ireland before you die
Where can you get the best nosebag of floaters?
# spicey
Chipper in Glasnevin pulls off romantic Valentine's evening meal
# battered sausage
Chipper in Glasnevin offering romantic meals for Valentine's Day
Would you like sauce on that?
# chips bai
Charming film tells the story of the 55-year-old chipper in Cork where people queue down the street
KC’s in Douglas is a beloved institution.
11 small gestures which actually mean 'I love you'
If they’re dealing with the bin juice, it’s love.