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This restaurant in London will only serve chips and it looks so good

What else do you need?
Jul 22nd 2015, 8:19 AM 6,354 1

WE OFTEN LOOK across at the hipster eateries being opened in London and have a chuckle at the sheer notions of it all – but who’s laughing now?

A restaurant called Come Fry With Me is set to open this autumn and they serve nothing but chips.

Delicious, interesting chip-themed delights

chipstwo Source: Come Fry With Me

Their menu gives an insight into just how committed to chips they are

chipcover Source: Come Fry With Me

Truffle and Parmesan flavoured chips, you say? It makes a change from salt and vinegar, anyway.

They even get a little creative with it (but still base everything on the humble chip)

chipsone Source: Come Fry With Me

This is truly taking chips to the next level

chipsthree Source: Come Fry With Me

Do the chips match up to humble, perfect chipper chips here in Ireland? That’s the real question.

hat-tip Metro

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