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# chocolate eggs
7 alternative ways to eat your Easter egg for breakfast
Because porridge is for losers.
# not just for...
People are still buying rabbits and chicks 'on a whim' at Easter
The furry little animals can be great pets but they need a lot of love and care.
# Quiz
Which Easter Egg Should You Get?
Only one can be your true chocolate calling.
# frufoo
10 discontinued sweets we need back in our lives
Give them baaaaaaack.
# Chocolate
There'll be something different about Mars bars in Ireland from October
The well-loved bars are going Fairtrade…
# give up your aul sins
Why are so many non-religious people still giving things up for Lent?
Many Christian traditions have lost their appeal but Lent remains popular, for good reasons, lifestyle experts say.
# Love It?
There's going to be a Marmite Easter egg this year...
…and a Pot Noodle one.
# Roses
Here's how much smaller that tin of chocolates you're eating has become
You’re not going mad.
# under the cardboard
Is it OK to start the second layer of chocolates before finishing the first?
The question that splits families.
# War of the Roses
Roses are beating Quality Street in sales at the moment, but ONLY JUST
Which team are you on?
# food shortage
This is not a drill: the world is running out of chocolate
*buys Animal Bars in bulk*
# choc doc
English university seeks 'chocolate doctor' to study the sweet stuff
# lego crazy
Chocolate Lego is now a delicious, delicious thing
Build the Lego house of your dreams. THEN EAT IT.
# #delicious ethics
Nestlé wants 100% of their cocoa to come from sustainable sources
The company is working to ensure agricultural practices are sustainable and that safe and healthy working conditions are in place.
# chocoday
12 indulgences you could only get away with on International Chocolate Day
All the chocolate, all the time.
6 things in life that chocolate will always improve
It makes everything better.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.
# easter boddy
It's OK, Brian O'Driscoll is having chocolate for breakfast too
Which means it’s fine.
# breaking lent
The Essential Guide to Breaking Your Lenten Fast
Today, we can do WHATEVER WE WANT.
# chocs away
Here's why you definitely shouldn't let your dogs eat chocolate this Easter
Down boy! That bar of Lindt is mine.
# easter feaster
8 totally reasonable ways to have chocolate for breakfast
It’s completely OK. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise.
# feeling generous
The average number of Easter eggs we're giving this year is... three
Gimme dem eggs.
# Your Say
Poll: Should chocolate brands be allowed sponsor sports organisations?
A new Cadbury’s limited edition Moro bar will include the message: ‘Boost your passion for the GAA’
# fruit n nuts
These Cadbury bars sound less than appealing
# sweet nothings
12 problems only those with a sweet tooth will understand
Life isn’t so sweet when sugar is all you eat.
Column: Bye, Bye Babycinno – why I'm ditching my child's favourite treat
Have you heard of babyccinos, the frothy, non-caffeine milk drink marketed at children? I wish I never had, writes Claire Micks.
# Fredd-oh no
People are losing the rag about the price of Freddo bars
Riots in the streets. (Well, not quite.)
# The Rules
The 9 rules of Lent every Irish person knows
This is official.
# Sponsored By Cadbury
What does your chocolate bar choice say about you?
A lot can be revealed by your choice of chocolate bar. Trust us.
# Irish Cream
What the hell is an Irish Cream Kit Kat?
This chocolate mystery MUST be solved.
James Corden lip-syncs and dances through London in this delightful Cadbury ad
It’s a long way from Billericay this lad has come.
# In Numbers
Twitter, heroin, and Garth Brooks: The week in numbers
Plus: Just how much did Anglo shares fall during its annus horribilis of 2008?
# my sweet lord
"Nice to eat you": Pope meets his chocolate double
The life-size chocolate Pope was crafted by amateur chocolatiers.
# putting on the ritz
Cadbury's new Ritz cracker chocolate bar is coming to Ireland
Dairy Milk chocolate and Ritz crackers. Together at last.
# life on earth
What is the one species of animal David Attenborough 'never thinks about'?
That, and 8 other highlights from his Reddit AMA.
# choc charts
A Definitive Ranking of Irish Christmas Chocolates, From Worst To Best
What are you stuffing your face with there? Oh. That’s controversial.
# choc therapy
How many of each kind are inside a tin of Roses?
Are there REALLY more of the gross ones? Here’s the answer…
# recycle
Irish households will consume 5m boxes of chocolate and 22m bottles of wine over Christmas
Repak expects to recycle 44,000 tonnes of packaging waste over the Christmas period.
# scrumptious
Give your friends the gift of chocolate bacon this Christmas
And maybe leave some for yourself too. Yum.
# purple one
What does your favourite Rose say about you?
We’re not going to lie, this is controversial.