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Everything you need to know about Chris Pratt's Bible-inspired diet

There’s less wine and bread than you’d think.

The stars of Guardians Of The Galaxy want ousted director James Gunn reinstated

The director was fired by Disney over some unearthed tweets.

Everyone is talking about Chris Pratt's acceptance speech for the MTV Generation Award

‘We didn’t have a pot to piss in growing up.’

Chris Pratt let his kid say 'f***ing p***y', and the Graham Norton audience are onboard

‘It’s the guys, go ahead and let loose.’

"Divorce sucks": Chris Pratt has spoken publicly for the first time since his split from Anna Faris

The couple announced their separation last August.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are splitting up and love isn't real

Way to ruin the Bank Holiday guys.

Chris Pratt has been having serious craic in all his press interviews this week

Declaring his love to a bacon sandwich, and beyond.

Anna Faris has completely shut down the rumours that Chris Pratt cheated on her

She said the rumours have been “blindsiding” to them both.

22 honest thoughts I had while watching Jurassic World went to the Irish premiere.

Chris Pratt was challenged to run in heels, and was unexpectedly good at it

If Bryce Dallas Howard has to run in heels, he must do it as well.

Chris Pratt annoyed a lot of people with these comments about hunting

He said he feels ‘remorse’ for the animals he’s killed.

From Five things we learned from the Jurassic World trailer En-raptored

Five things we learned from the Jurassic World trailer

Dinosaurs. Running. Action. Chris Pratt.

The new dinosaur-tastic trailer for Jurassic World has landed -- here's the internet's verdict Velociraptor This post contains a poll

Here's everything we know about the new 'all-male Ghostbusters rival'

Sony has announced a new project.

Irish Rail lets you put whatever name you want on your seat...

Macklin, you son of a bitch.

18 jokes and references only Parks and Rec fans will get

You’re 5,000 Candles in the Wind.

Chris Pratt says goodbye to Parks and Recreation with a mass singalong

You’re 5000 candles in the wind.

REMAIN CALM. The Jurassic World trailer has finally arrived

* Music plays, bursts into tears*

Johnny Depp makes unsteady, sweary speech at bizarre Hollywood awards show

Someone get Johnny a glass of water.

Chris Pratt told the story behind THAT 'Douchemaster' photo

A story only Chris Pratt could have told.

From Need a 10-minute break? Step into the Reading Room… Time Out

Need a 10-minute break? Step into the Reading Room…

Ferguson and Facebook, eating meat, and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Chris Pratt talks about the time he showed Amy Poehler his penis

Guardians of the pants galaxy.

Actor Chris Pratt reveals glorious talent for plaiting hair during interview

On the press trail for Guardians of the Galaxy, he took a minute to show off his mad plaiting skillz.

Irish actress Katie McGrath has been cast in the new Jurassic Park film

The Wicklow actress is one of three names added to the cast.

Did you spot the Irish actor in the massive new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer?

Would’ja look. Sure isn’t that your man from the thing?