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This couple sends out hilariously awkward Christmas cards every year

And the magic has been going on for 12 years now.
Dec 2nd 2015, 7:40 PM 18,347 5

WE’VE ALREADY COVERED gas Christmas cards that you can buy here in Ireland - but what about those who want to make their own?

Well, this couple is the template to live by.

For the last 12 years, they have been sending out a custom made awkwardly-posed Christmas card

ccard1 Source: Imgur

They really go above and beyond in their quest to spread the festive cheer

ccard2 Source: Imgur

Redditor berjon1 shared his collection of Christmas cards earlier this week – and of course they proved very popular.

Because they are hilariously awkward

ccard3 Source: Imgur

A step up from the regular cards you’re likely to receive

ccard4 Source: Imgur

Always with a little gag thrown in

ccard5 Source: Imgur

Even when their first daughter was born – she was included

awkward23 Source: Imgur

It’s like watching a family grow up together through the prism of gas characters

ccard7 Source: Imgur

Those brows.

When baba number two came along, he joined in too

2012 Source: Imgur

Their 2013 effort might just be their best

sparkle Source: Imgur

This is commitment to Christmas comedy you won’t often see

berg Source: Imgur

Well done.

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