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# Christmas Jumpers

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# twinsies
ASOS is selling a two-person Christmas jumper and it's... really something
Ban this sick filth.
16 deadly Irish Christmas jumpers you can buy this year
Some choice.
# Christmas Jumpers
A deadly one-of-a-kind Conor McGregor Christmas jumper is up for auction
Hmm one bidder sounds familiar.
# bad santa
A dad accidentally sent his son to school in this rather cheeky Christmas jumper
SANTA! You dirty divil!
# where's me jumper
Feast your eyes on the ugliest Christmas jumper of all time
Pass the brain bleach.
# over
Christmas jumpers are over - Here's why
BAH, humbug.
# beauty and the beast
Here's a sneak peek of this year's Late Late Toy Show set
It’s the best one yet.
# beauty and the beast
Here's a sneak peek of this year's Late Late Toy Show set
It’s the best one yet.
# Festive Cheer
Andy Murray LOVES a good Christmas jumper
The tennis star got into the holiday spirit with this delectable design.
# viral knits
Here's one way to sell a few Christmas jumpers - get 1D to wear them on US national TV
It happened on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show – and the phone’s been ringing off the hook ever since.
# Nightmare before Xmas
The NFL has released the perfect Christmas gift for someone you hate
Christmas jumpers have fallen to a new low.
# chr***mas
Stop the lights: Chr***mas jumpers are already on sale in Penneys
# humbug
6 good reasons to despise festive crowds
Just MOVE!
# christmas boozing
12 pubs of Christmas feeds into Ireland's problem with alcohol, says charity
Charity MEAS said the pub crawl exacerbates our cultural problem with alcohol and encourages binge drinking.
# trad-notions
11 of the most non-traditional Irish Christmas traditions
Just think, would your granny have done it?
# geansaí nollag
The 16 absolute greatest Christmas jumpers of 2013
Tis the season for these mindbending festive creations.
# christmas handbags
TV3 and RTÉ enter Christmas jumper wars
Tubridy and Hughes are going head-to-head in a Toy Show battle.
# jingle hells
8 reasons why it's not ok to talk about Christmas yet
A very merry unChristmas to you.
# News Fix
Here’s What Happened Today: Wednesday
Everyone’s talking about Enda Kenny promising to act on Priory Hall and the death of Ariel Castro.
# Too soon
CHRISTMAS UPDATE: The jumpers are in Penneys
The Christmas jumpers. For Christmas. Which is in just under 4 months.
# Looking G
Pic: How to look cool while wearing a Christmas jumper
With Joe Duffy.
# Festive Pets
It's Christmas! So here's your pets in festive hats and jumpers
And reindeer antlers too!
# Christmas
Slideshow: Christmas jumpers for pets
Think you got a raw deal on Christmas jumpers this year? Check out what these guys had to wear…