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'This is a world we've never seen before': Christopher Nolan and his Tenet cast on making the blockbuster
The film cost a reputed $200 million to make and is one of the year’s biggest releases.
# christopher nolan
'This is everything': Why the release of Tenet today is a big moment for Irish cinemas
The latest Christopher Nolan film hits cinemas today.
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Quiz: How well do you know the films of Christopher Nolan?
Save this quiz for a Dark Knight of the soul.
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A friend recommends: Stuart Byrne on Ozark, Christopher Nolan movies and U2
The former Shelbourne star, who has a new album coming out on Friday, on his viewing and listening habits.
# Heath ledger
So it turns out nobody understood why Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'
Writer Johnathan Nolan said he ‘didn’t get it’ and that fans were furious before the movie was released.
# Interview
Why the epic Dunkirk was the hardest film Christopher Nolan has made sat down with the director and his co-producer (and wife) Emma Thomas to find out more about their epic film Dunkirk.
# Batman
Dark Knight Rises: Fans' reactions from first Irish screenings
Was it worth the hype?
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Dark Knight Rises: Film site closes comments after death threats to critics users reacted with fury to critics who posted negative reviews of the film.
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VIDEO: The history of the Batmobile in three minutes
Batman’s car is getting its own spin-off documentary…
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Did David Letterman give away a major Dark Knight spoiler on US TV?
He may have just been joking about a MAJOR detail of what happens in The Dark Knight Rises – but it’s hard to tell.
# Work Can Wait
Someone has made a Lego version of Inception. Yes, it's still confusing
Plus, other impressive recreations of famous movie scenes using the toy bricks.
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VIDEO: The new Dark Knight Rises trailer is out (and things are bleak in Gotham)
Batman’s in trouble, Bane is taking over, and Catwoman is on the scene…
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The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is out - and it's good.
The long-awaited trailer for next year’s Batman film has evil doers, explosions, Anne Hathaway, and Gotham City in turmoil…