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16 of the most Clare things that have ever happened

H’on the banner.
Jan 14th 2016, 9:29 PM 35,542 5

1. When this conversation between a road worker and the Clare public happened last year

fillmein2 Source: Imgur

On a small county road not too far from Kilfenora.


2. That time the county colours were more important than a proper ladder

shelbourne Source: Shelbourne Bar Facebook

3. The time this person decided to move a couch in the middle of Storm Desmond near Scarriff

desmond Source: Vibrant Ireland Facebook

Great day for it.

4. When Lahinch had taken a bit of a battering in a storm, this appropriate sign was spotted

5. When this no-nonsense voter in Ennis set the politicians straight before they could even knock

Source: @CillianGriffey

6. When the road signs made sense

shelbourne2 Source: Spitted in Clare Facebook

7. When the county came together as one for an important world record bid

claires Source:

8. When international footballers got together to back the banner

podolski Source: Imgur

9. That time Father Ted’s house became a YES rallying point

So Clare.

10. When you couldn’t have a pint without this little guy running around you

Don’t give him too many crisps.

11. When this was a main cause of traffic concern

12. When an Ennis lad appeared on the front cover of Vogue, and immediately had to explain his massive hickey

Y O U T H ⭐️ a whole october issue of @vogueitalia shot by me and @macpiggott ⭐️ thanks to @francasozzani1 for beleivong us for this special project and putting up with us also Source: mertalas

It was just make-up in the end.

13. The fact that the Christmas Tree Throwing Championship was held in Ennis last year

unnamed (3) Source: Eamon Ward

14. The takeaway in Ennistymon that created the taco fries pizza

2YIqIaD Source: Imgur


15. When a post in East Clare displayed this intriguing notice

l6gQ0 Source: Imgur

16. And finally… when this much-needed sign was erected by the local authorities last year

p9saNPW Source: Imgur

Ah, Clare.

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