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# Remember when
'I loved the World Cup up until the semi-finals. Then I hated it'
The pressure was ‘horrendous,’ says former South Africa player Mark Andrews.
# dirty harry
Trump fan Clint Eastwood says: "We really are a p***y generation."
The director says that things labelled as ‘racist’ weren’t racist in his day.
# Barred
Seth Rogen banned from random US restaurant over American Sniper comments
Michael Moore has also been barred from the steakhouse over perceived unpatriotic tweets.
# fake baby
The internet is obsessed with the fake baby from American Sniper
# american sniper
Here is why everyone is making a fuss over American Sniper
The divisive film set several box office records over the weekend.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.
# Long Time Coming
"What's this?!": O'Hara proves she's still got those acting chops, as Neeson hands over her Oscar
The Dublin-born 94-year-old, who had a famous on-screen partnership with John Wayne, picked up her award at an LA ceremony.
# ask your mother
8 Graphs And Charts Only People With Irish Dads Will Understand
Is it too cold to snow? Ask your dad.
# Birthday
8 totally unexpected Daniel Day Lewis moments
It’s his birthday today.
# Memetastic
The best memes of 2012
Grumpy Cat, Angelina Jolieing, and those binders full of women. It’s been a quality year for internet memes. Here’s the cream of the crop…
# Eastwooding
Clint Eastwood: Why I spoke to an empty chair
The actor tells his local paper why he used a chair as a prop in his controversial Republican convention speech: “Some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down.”
# memewatch
9 of the best ways to enjoy #Eastwooding
In the home! In the office! In the car! Our handy guide to the new pursuit.
# pic of the day
President Obama burns Clint Eastwood via Twitter
How do you respond to a smackdown from one of Hollywood’s best loved stars? Why, you tweet of course.
# Come Again
Video: 8 famous quotes that never were, and the videos that prove it
Quotes can be wonderful things, when in the right hands…
# Mixed Bag
Clint Eastwood and Jenna Jameson endorse Mitt Romney
Barack Obama can console himself with the fact that he still has George Clooney’s support. That counts for something, right?
# Super Bowl
5 of the best ads from the Super Bowl
Clint Eastwood being moody, naked M&M’s and sweet, sweet relief…
# make my day
Clint Eastwood accepts inaugural Irish film award
Eastwood was awarded the inaugural John Ford Award for his work in cinema.
# Baby Jane
Rod Stewart a father for the eighth time, at 66
The Scottish rocker’s wife Penny Lancaster gives birth to their second child, Rod’s eighth, after IVF treatment.