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15 signs you are a hopeless coffee addict

Are you exhibiting these symptoms?
Aug 1st 2013, 1:07 PM 24,665 47

1. Most of the time, you feel like this


2. Or on bad days, like this.


3. But after a cup of coffee*, like this! (For about five minutes.)

*Several cups of coffee. (Imgur)

4. You have come to dislike… interruptions

5. You honestly believe that coffee is beautiful to look at


6. And you kind of appreciate a good piece of latte art


7. But really, you just want it delivered any way you can get it.


8. You do not take kindly to being asked this question

9. Although you are aware that sometimes after several cups, things start to get a little funny.

10. Actually, this is a dilemma you know all too well

11. You are intimately familiar with this bitter cycle


12. You have caught yourself saying things like:

13. In fact sometimes, you kind of need coffee before your morning coffee.


14. This is applicable to your workplace


15. Basically, this sums up your life.


Hurray for coffee!


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