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My 2020: 'My college life is now a strange virtual reality'
As part of our ‘My 2020′ series, this Christmas, Ava Keady shares her thoughts on an unprecedented year for college students.
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'A slightly lesser place': Challenges ahead for universities as international student numbers fall by up to 50%
A less diverse campus and a devastating impact on university income lies ahead due to a drop in international students.
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New report finds UCD and IADT have highest proportion of students from affluent backgrounds
The data shows the percentage from affluent backgrounds and disadvantaged backgrounds in each institution.
This futuristic pod is making college life easier for students with autism
The sensory pod helps students take a break away from the hustle and bustle of college life.
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Open thread: What did you REALLY need to bring with you to college?
And what do you really wish you had remembered to pack?
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13 people you are absolutely guaranteed to meet in every Irish university
From GAA enthusiasts to Random Huggers…
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Letters to a Fresher: College graduates tell us what they wish they'd known in first year
We asked three recent graduates to write a letter to their former selves. Here’s what they had to say…
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You can find all of the Round One CAO points right here
Do you have what you need for your preferred course?
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This student handed up a brutally honest assignment that turned into a lovely invitation
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16 photos that perfectly sum up college life
It’s tough out there.
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UCD live-in students want fewer rules, fines and cameras on campus
Last year, the Students’ Union complained about large fines and the presence of cameras.
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Riot squad arrest 73 at pre-St Patrick's Day 'Blarney Blowout' at US college
One resident near the University of Massachusetts said the scenes were like “a revolution”.
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10 things nobody ever forgets about Freshers Week
Iron stomach contest, anyone?
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6 stereotypes you'll recognise if you went to college in Dublin
Did you go to college in Dublin? We can relate.
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18 things that seemed reasonable when you were in college
Student life, eh?