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# Common Cold

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# factcheck
FactCheck: Did a study say anyone who's had a cold is sufficiently protected against Covid-19?
We test claims from Irish website The Liberal that a study implies ‘vaccines were never required to begin with’.
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# warning
Decongestants 'should not be given' to young children with colds
New research shows there is no evidence that they alleviate symptoms such as a blocked or runny nose.
# inked up
Having tattoos can help you fight colds
But one could make you more susceptible.
# irish man flu
The 8 close-to-death stages of the Irish man flu
Gland checking, throat examining, etc.
# Gene Genies
Scientists finally figured out why you rarely get sick in the summer
It’s to do with genes.
# manflu
The 9 unmistakeable symptoms of manflu
Have you, or has someone close to you, been afflicted by this condition?
# cold watch
Is Vitamin C an effective remedy for the common cold?
Bad-tempered spring weather means many of us are nursing the sniffles – will a blast of the orange stuff really help?
# Achoo
Man flu exists! (It's the common cold)
Survey also shows that women are more resilient than men. Disclaimer: A woman wrote this article.
Superdrug could cure all viral infections
US researchers say they’ve developed a drug that could cure the common cold, ‘flu and other ailments not affected by antibiotics.
# Sniffles
Zinc lozenges could shorten length of common cold 'by 40 per cent'
New research shows that sucking a zinc lozenge may help you beat the common cold.
# Health
Zinc can help in fighting common cold
New research suggest that taking a zinc supplement at the onset of a cold helps to reduce the severity and length of the illness.