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Deadly ignition switches linked to 56 deaths, brain damage and amputation
The company has received hundreds of claims for compensation.
Symphysiotomy compensation scheme announced - but how many survivors will apply?
That’s according to a survivors group SOS, which describes its time limits as “draconian”.
Spidey senses tingling? You're much more likely to have a workplace accident today
Thursdays in November are the riskiest time of the year.
Funeral home refused to look after the body of 14-year-old Traveller
The family of the teenager have been awarded more than €6,000 in compensation.
Hotdog and wine gums dispute gets fired Cineworld worker €20,000
The former cinema worker purchased a regular hotdog, when he had, in fact, received a large hotdog.
Blind teenager awarded €3.2m in damages after court battle
The family of 13-year-old Noel McCarthy have spoken of their relief after a court battle lasting more than a decade.
Opinion: Would stricter guidelines for trial judges encourage more consistent sentencing?
The current Anthony Lyons case has highlighted the problem of uniformity regarding criminal sanctions. Is there a way to improve consistency and fairness of sentencing?
Woman with disabilities awarded €30k after employer refused to provide her with a chair
Her previous role at a customer service desk had changed, meaning she would have been required to stand.
Samsung pledges compensation for factory workers who contracted incurable diseases
The company’s CEO said that it would employ a third party to “make due compensation” to victims and their families.
Only one in every twenty complaints about financial mis-selling is upheld
Fianna Fail issues a call to overhaul rules governing the sale of financial products.
One year on, Rana Plaza survivors can't return to work
Victims of the building collapse have so far received $1,000 in average compensation, says a charity.
Magdalene Laundries survivors have received €10.3 million in compensation
Justice Minister Alan Shatter told the Dáil that 731 applications have been made under the redress scheme so far.
Worker awarded €80k for being told her job no longer existed after maternity leave
The Equality Tribunal said Lisa Mullen was subjected to a “range of unlawful treatment and comments” by her employer.
Memorial for those incarcerated in Wexford Magdalene Laundry to be held tomorrow
The organisers say the memorial is a time where people can reflect, lay flowers, read a poem and spend a quiet moment at the graveside.
How much did the Injuries Board award in claims in 2013?
If you guessed €243 million, you were right. And really good at guessing.
Abuse survivors to protest against redress fund
Survivors Who Stand Together claim that they are being treated like “beggars”.
Castres may owe Toulon €400,000 after Kockott changes mind over move
The Heineken Cup champions had agreed a pre-contract deal with the South African born French international.
Aaron McKenna: Why do the Irish courts not care about women?
Our courts seem to have affected an uncaring view towards violent and sexual crimes against women – allowing offenders to escape jail sentences by simply giving their victims a payoff. It is horrific and unacceptable.
Dublin City Council spent nearly €7 million on public liabilities in 2013
The no-win, no-fee sector will have enjoyed that.
Investor compensation fund able to deal with future significant company failures
In its annual report, the Investor Compensation Company Limited said 2013 was ‘challenging’ due to payouts to IBRC and CHC.
'Shatter needs to make a public statement on redress delay for Magdalene women'
Mary Lou McDonald said time was ticking and that at least two women have passed away without receiving compensation.
Penn State agrees to pay out $60m to sex abuse victims
26 men will receive compensation for the crimes of former American football coach Jerry Sandusky.
Many Bangladesh factory collapse victims still waiting on compensation
To date only one company, Primark, has provided financial support to survivors and has called on other brands to follow suit
Call for immediate compensation as second Magdalene survivor passes away
Kathleen Whelan is one of two members of Magdalene Survivors Together who has died this year before receiving compensation.
Claims agency has over €1 billion in outstanding liabilities
The State Claims Agency spent €160,000 checking up on suspected fraudulent claims last year.
State bodies account for nearly 30 per cent of employment payments upheld in 12 months
Despite accounting for just eight of 59 cases upheld at the Equality Tribunal, arms of the state accounted for €300,000 of the €1 million paid out since August 2012.
Primark pledges further funds for victims of Bangladesh factory collapse
The company was critical of other brands that were being supplied by the company that failed to attend a meeting in Geneva yesterday to discuss long-term compensation.
Magdalene protest to take place at Sisters of Mercy office
The protest will involve the signatures of over 1,000 people being gathered on white sheets and displayed at the event.
Minister said Bethany Home must be included in redress scheme... in 2010
Three years ago Kathleen Lynch said the government’s refusal to include the Bethany Home in a redress scgeme was a “running sore”. Yesterday she said the government’s decision to refuse redress was an “appropriate one”.
Over €60,000 in compensation for women excluded from Michael Neary redress scheme
The 35 patients of Dr Michael Neary received unnecessary oophorectomies during his 25 years at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.
Enda Kenny: Religious orders should reflect on making a monetary contribution to Magdalenes
The religious orders who were responsible for the Magdalene Laundries should give money towards the compensation scheme, but Enda Kenny says he won’t go down the legal route to ensure they do.
Taoiseach won't comment on redress scheme for symphysiotomy victims
Enda Kenny also rejected that Government has been secretive on issue and commits to meeting support groups
Government condemned by symphysiotomy group for "underhand approach"
A survivors’ group says any proposals for a Magdalene-type scheme of redress would be “wholly inappropriate”, and has called on the Government to engage with its members.
Over €7m in compensation paid to gardaí injured on duty last year
The average award to an injured garda last year was €59,685.
Some Magdalene survivors "expressed difficulty" in understanding redress
Justice for Magdalenes research has published a guide, and said it will “empower” survivors when applying for the funds.
Turf cutters 'vindicate their rights' and cut turf in Roscommon and Galway
The turf cutters say they have no alternative. A European Union directive requires Ireland to ban turf-cutting on certain bogs.
Magdalene survivor group ‘not happy at all’ with redress package
Members of the group Magdalene Survivors Together have demanded the religious orders which operated the laundry system be held responsible for the abuse that went on inside them.
Details of Magdalene compensation scheme due today
The Minister for Justice is expected to be published details of the compensation and support scheme for hundreds of women who survived the laundries.
Primark to give three month's wages to Bangladesh factory collapse victims
Meanwhile, the seamstress trapped in the rubble for 17 days after the Bangladesh garment factory collapsed was released from hospital yesterday.
Martinez set for Everton unveiling as Whelan tells of compensation deal
The Spaniard is set to trade one emotional chairman for another.