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Rape victim who was wrongly arrested by police has been given £20,000 compensation
Dead boy's family win $150 million payout over exploding Jeep
Council pays thousands in compensation for staff needle stick injuries
Deadly ignition switches linked to 56 deaths, brain damage and amputation
Symphysiotomy compensation scheme announced - but how many survivors will apply?
Spidey senses tingling? You're much more likely to have a workplace accident today
Funeral home refused to look after the body of 14-year-old Traveller
Hotdog and wine gums dispute gets fired Cineworld worker €20,000
Blind teenager awarded €3.2m in damages after court battle
Opinion: Would stricter guidelines for trial judges encourage more consistent sentencing?
Darius Whelan
Woman with disabilities awarded €30k after employer refused to provide her with a chair
Samsung pledges compensation for factory workers who contracted incurable diseases
Only one in every twenty complaints about financial mis-selling is upheld
One year on, Rana Plaza survivors can't return to work
Magdalene Laundries survivors have received €10.3 million in compensation
Worker awarded €80k for being told her job no longer existed after maternity leave
Memorial for those incarcerated in Wexford Magdalene Laundry to be held tomorrow
How much did the Injuries Board award in claims in 2013?
Abuse survivors to protest against redress fund
Castres may owe Toulon €400,000 after Kockott changes mind over move
Aaron McKenna: Why do the Irish courts not care about women?
Aaron McKenna
Dublin City Council spent nearly €7 million on public liabilities in 2013
Investor compensation fund able to deal with future significant company failures
'Shatter needs to make a public statement on redress delay for Magdalene women'
Penn State agrees to pay out $60m to sex abuse victims
Many Bangladesh factory collapse victims still waiting on compensation
Call for immediate compensation as second Magdalene survivor passes away
Claims agency has over €1 billion in outstanding liabilities
State bodies account for nearly 30 per cent of employment payments upheld in 12 months
Primark pledges further funds for victims of Bangladesh factory collapse
Magdalene protest to take place at Sisters of Mercy office
Minister said Bethany Home must be included in redress scheme... in 2010
Over €60,000 in compensation for women excluded from Michael Neary redress scheme
Enda Kenny: Religious orders should reflect on making a monetary contribution to Magdalenes
Taoiseach won't comment on redress scheme for symphysiotomy victims
Government condemned by symphysiotomy group for "underhand approach"
Over €7m in compensation paid to gardaí injured on duty last year
Some Magdalene survivors "expressed difficulty" in understanding redress
Turf cutters 'vindicate their rights' and cut turf in Roscommon and Galway
Magdalene survivor group ‘not happy at all’ with redress package