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Confused John Travolta from Pulp Fiction is now a hilarious new meme

We are all Confused John Travolta.
Nov 9th 2015, 3:30 PM 22,248 4

THIS GIF, SHOWING a confused John Travolta when he turns up at Uma Thurman’s house in Pulp Fiction, has been part of the internet’s memeworld for some time.

But this weekend, it found its spiritual home.

Three days ago, an Imgur user with the name ILikeToWonkaMyWilly (yep) uploaded a new version with the caption:

MRW I ask my daughter what she wants for Christmas and she says, “A doll.”

Source: Imgur

It blew up.

It hit the front page of Imgur, then Reddit. To date the clip has been viewed 1.8million times and counting.

And Confused John Travolta has been adopted by anyone who has ever felt baffled, confused and alone.

MRW mom leaves me alone in line at the store

Source: HackerKnownAs4Chan

MRW I come out of the store and I can’t remember where I parked

Source: thund3rbolt

MRW it’s that time of the month and my wife sends me to the store for ‘her brand’

Source: givemebackmyson

It’s become pretty… specific.

When you swing by your friends house to drop off their jacket and all of your friends are there having a bbq without you

Source: Gigi24

But basically, Confused John Travolta is perfect for anyone who has ever just felt… confused and puzzled and a little scared, but holding it together.

So yes, that’s all of us, every day. You’re welcome.

Source: theadagency

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