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Azerbaijan appoints former oil executive as president of COP29 climate talks
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Fossil fuel talks to run late into night as COP28 president 'determined' to deliver deal
'Profound responsibility on our shoulders': Taoiseach pledges €25 million to climate damage fund
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Karol Balfe
Irish government to push for fossil fuel companies to 'pay their way' at UN climate conference
COP28 turns attention to potent methane emissions, as UN warns about rising temperatures
Developed countries to be 'urged' to contribute to fund to fight impacts of climate change
Countries divided over China's role as climate victim or polluter at talks ahead of COP28
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Malcolm Noonan: It's not enough to watch threatened species struggle to survive
Malcolm Noonan
Opinion: Our fields may be green, but we are failing to protect biodiversity
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COP26: Finance takes centre stage on day three of climate conference
COP26: Climate summit described as 'last, best hope' to meet 1.5 degree goal
Parents sue after video shows eight-year-old special needs students being handcuffed
Police officer accused of killing 95-year-old man with beanbag gun
Cop has the uncoolest reaction ever when he realises he's in a live news shot
Cops protest against NY mayor at slain police officer's funeral
Teen issues brilliant ticket to illegally-parked police officer
Older policeman joins street party with booty-shaking dance
Ex-LAPD officer believed dead after stand-off
LA police launch manhunt for fired policeman over killings
'I deserve free food': Man impersonates cop at McDonalds
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