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May 2023
Rishi Sunak backs police powers used to arrest anti-monarchy protesters at coronation
He said it was right to give officers the ability to tackle ‘serious disruption’ despite concerns of a crackdown on the right to protest.
Met Police expresses 'regret' over arrests of six coronation protestors
The police were threatened with legal action when no charges were brought.
UK laws limiting protest must be repealed, campaigner says after being arrested on coronation day
In total the Met Police made 64 arrests during the coronation day of Britain’s King Charles.
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Police arresting anti-monarchy protesters were 'intimidating' and 'heavy handed'
The CEO of anti-monarchy group Republic was among 52 demonstrators detained yesterday.
IRA threatened to attack Dublin cocktail party marking 1953 coronation, official records show
The files reveal a range of issues, including a reassurance that the London Embassy would not be decorated for the event.
Met Police say they 'police proportionately' following outcry over coronation arrests
Among those arrested was Graham Smith, chief executive of the anti-monarchy group Republic.
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The mind-shattering boredom and bemusement of watching a man be crowned king
Attending a celebration of the monarchy simply makes it more incomprehensible.
Charles and Camilla retire to Buckingham Palace after Charles' coronation
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, President Michael D Higgins, and Sinn Féin vice-president Michelle O’Neill were among the guests from these isles to attend.
King Charles's coronation: Everything you need to know
It’s the first British coronation ceremony in 70 years.
Camping out in a thunderstorm: England gets ready for its new monarch
The strangeness of the monarchy is already on full display in London.
President Higgins to meet UK's Charles ahead of tomorrow's coronation
Michael D Higgins will become the first Irish head of state to attend a UK coronation.
Opinion: Charles' coronation comes at a tricky time - is the jig up for the British monarchy?
Peter Flanagan looks at the history and current state of the British monarchy ahead of the crowning of King Charles this weekend.
'World's most expensive tradition': UK anti-monarchists hit out at Charles' coronation
The Journal speaks to a couple of dissenting voices in the UK ahead of the coronation of King Charles.
'A complicated history': Why are so many Irish people fascinated by the British Royal family?
Many Irish people will join in with millions globally to take in the coronation of King Charles tomorrow.
Man held under mental health laws over suspected shotgun cartridges at Buckingham Palace
The incident late on Tuesday sparked security concerns ahead of the coronation of the UK’s King Charles.
Taoiseach calls for 'respect' for monarchists after RTÉ criticised for coronation broadcast plans
Two TDs raised concerns that RTÉ One is devoting four hours to televised coverage of Saturday’s events in London.
Anti-monarchy group sent 'intimidatory' letter about new protesting laws ahead of coronation
London’s Met Police said that 11,500 police will be on duty on Saturday and their ‘tolerance for disruption will be low’.
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April 2023
Oath of allegiance to Charles III during coronation is ‘tone deaf’, UK anti-monarchy group says
People across the UK and overseas realms will be invited to swear allegiance to Charles.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and SF's Michelle O'Neill to attend King Charles' coronation next week
The UK’s King Charles and his wife Camilla will be crowned in Westminster Abbey on 6 May.
New poll finds over half of British do not want to pay for King Charles coronation
51% of respondents believe the ceremony to crown Charles and Camilla should not be paid for by the UK government.
Most British people don't care about their king’s coronation
Apathy is particularly high among younger age groups, with 75% of people aged between 18 and 24 saying they do not care ‘very much’ or ‘at all’.
‘Queen Camilla’ used officially for first time on King Charles III coronation invites
Camilla had been referred to as ‘Queen Consort’ since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
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Vikings actor hits back at Jose Aldo on Conor McGregor's behalf
Bearded gentlemen stick together.
VIDEO: European royal diamond sold for €7.6m at auction
Extraordinary jewel has had a rich history passing through royal families in France, the Netherlands, England and Prussia since the 17th century.