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November 2023
PSNI cast doubt on photo of man dressed as Palestinian militant walking through Derry
However a local journalist has said that other photos show the same costumed character.
All time
People are very impressed with Kylie Jenner's 2000s throwback Halloween costume
The rig out everyone is talking about.
TG4's weather forecast was presented from a magic carpet last night
A serious commitment to Halloween.
A cheeky lad has just demonstrated why you should be careful with your password
Beware of who you give your passwords to.
Are sexy Halloween outfits empowering or degrading? That all depends on your sense of self
“You are a fat, worthless pig.” Words women say to themselves everyday, writes Lorraine Courtney, who questions whether hypersexualised Halloween outfits are empowering or degrading?
Donald Trump and a notorious drug lord dominate Mexico's Halloween costume market
Trump and Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman are public enemy numbers one and two in Mexico at present.
Parents warned over harmful face paints ahead of Halloween
High levels of heavy metals have been found in some brands of children’s cosmetics.
Poll: Can a house party Halloween costume ever be 'inappropriate'?
Do some people go too far?
There's a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume and it's causing outrage
A petition against it is gathering signatures.
A woman had a novel use for all those Dunnes Bags For Life around her house
It’s FASHION, darling.
The best dad ever dressed as Elsa to take his daughter to a Frozen singalong
A king amongst dads.
Absolutely genius Aladdin costume for a cat
I can show you the world.
This 'Ebola' Halloween costume is the worst Halloween costume
Yes, it’s here. Yes, it’s bad.
This incredible street performer is a human Transformer
Actually the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.
A cheese grater, paint and glue... how to 'break down' a coat for the stage
Backstage at the Abbey Theatre, they sometimes like to destroy perfectly good pieces of clothing. Here’s why
Snapshot: Cian Healy does a fine job dressing up as Bane
The Leinster prop went all out to look like the Dark Knight Rises character.
This Irish woman made the greatest 12 Pubs costume of all time
Christmas jumper? Pah.
Mother defends 7-year-old son's KKK Halloween costume
It’s a family tradition, apparently.
Woman who dressed as Boston Marathon victim faces job loss and death threats
The 22-year-old has received rape and death threats online
Best dad ever makes LED lightsuit for toddler daughter
Certainly the most adorable thing you’ll see before 9am.
These kids' Halloween costumes will make you want to up your game this year
They make dressing up look like child’s play.
Bill Murray arrives at Letterman in majestic white regalia
And gives delightful interview…
Pair who make 'weird' bespoke costumes in demand for festival season
‘Hook & Eye’ was started by fashion graduate Lauralee Guiney and artist Delphine Libelula – and reckon their costumes could brighten up a night out.
Proof that your dog was the best teacher you ever had
Just in case you ever doubted it.
Chris Brown's mother defends his Halloween costume on Twitter
Can Chris Brown do ANYTHING right? Dressing as a terrorist for Halloween probably wasn’t the best idea.
Student whose Halloween costume catches fire "highly motivated, respected"
NUI Galway releases statement on popular student who is still in critical condition in hospital.
7 pets living their dream through Halloween costumes
From nurses to vampires, here’s seven pets living the life they’ve always dreamed of…
Playing dress up: Become your sporting idol for Halloween
It’s Halloween Eve and you’re stuck for ideas. Let us help you out with some sporting suggestions…