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New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps as part of plan to tackle climate change
There are just five million people in New Zealand but some 10 million beef and dairy cattle and 26 million sheep.
# debunked
Debunked: Yes, cows are a 'problem' when it comes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions
Two Facebook posts said cows are “not the problem” compared to emitting activities like flying.
# Courts
State is allowing calves to be transported to Europe in a cruel manner, claims NGO
Ethical Farming Ltd has brought a High Court challenge against the Minister for Agriculture and the State.
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# greenhouse gas
How do you solve a problem like Ireland's cows?
“A farmer will ask himself the question: If it’s expected of me to reduce, how can I sustain an income as a result of me reducing my numbers?”
# Podcast
The Explainer: Why is there so much talk about Ireland's cows right now?
You guessed it – it’s climate change related.
# Climate Change
Quiz: How much do you know about cattle?
Moooooooooo, moooooooooooooooo.
# dairy farming
Zero-carbon dairy project lands €2 million prize to deliver climate-neutral farm
There are plans to extend the strategy to 5,000 dairy farms.
# lightning strike
Nine cows killed in lightning strike during thunderstorms in Clare
Locals reported several claps of thunder and a lot of lightning.
# climate action
Reducing cow herd ‘last resort’ in tackling carbon emissions, says Varadkar
The Taoiseach said the way emissions are categorised will have to be changed.
# milk price
Dairy industry in Northern Ireland could be 'wiped out' by no-deal Brexit
The tariff and administrative burden would create a crisis of epic proportions, said the Dairy Council Northern Ireland.
# udder chaos
Rampaging cow injures man and damages cars after breaking free from Ennis Mart
Gardaí say the cow made its way to Dunnes Stores before being caught.
# India
In Delhi, the government plans a new home for stray cows and elderly citizens
A 2012 livestock census found there were more than five million stray cows across India.
# on the moove
Watch: Cows help police catch suspect in Florida
Charges against the woman include resisting an officer and drug possession.
# Irish Rail
'Very significant' damage and severe disruption after Dublin to Galway train hits herd of cows
The 15.35 Heuston to Galway train collided with 8 cattle.
# the field 2
Dara O'Briain comforted Louis Theroux on Twitter after he watched a sad video about cows
The most wholesome thing you’ll read all evening.
# Environment
Should Ireland start feeding its cows seaweed? The government isn't sure
Studies in Australia and Canada look promising, but the Department of Agriculture still have some questions.
# Gas
Here's how much farmers are getting paid to count how much gas their cows are emitting
Agriculture is the single largest contributor to Ireland’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for over 30%.
# don't have a cow man
Irish people are loving this American blogger's post marveling at the 'happy cows of Ireland'
“IRELAND! ME! COWS! I could not contain myself.”
# rape epidemic
Two women in India have been gang-raped "for eating beef"
The suspects have been arrested and charged with rape and murder.
Forty cows, 260 pigs and 200 goats will be getting on a plane from Shannon Airport to Rwanda
The Bóthar ‘Ark’ will fly from Shannon Airport to mark its 25th anniversary
# Absolutely Bullin
Herd of cattle stampeded through a Clare golf course, destroying 10 of its greens
“There was a look of shock and horror on the members’ faces after they had seen what the cattle have done.”
# Cork
Cows wiped out by lead poisoning at Dairygold-supplying farm
The Cork-based co-op has suspended milk collections from the farm.
# Westmeath
Man arrested after dozens of cow and sheep stolen
75 cattle and 25 sheep were taken during the robbery.
# India
Man dragged from home and beaten to death with bricks "over rumours he had eaten beef"
Eating beef is taboo in India.
# Unreal
Stop the world - fake milk is on the way
For a good reason though. Muufrii (pronounced ‘Moofree’) will provide all the goodness of real milk without any of that pesky cow nonsense.
# appeal
Gardaí are looking for your help in finding 75 stolen cattle and 25 sheep
The animals were stolen from a field in Westmeath this week.
# Mad Cow Disease
Classical BSE found in Louth dairy farm cow was 'an isolated case'
Test confirmed the recent case, the Department of Agriculture said today.
# bovine intervention
'Sometimes politicians are more accurate than journalists' - Simon Coveney
The agriculture minister has been speaking about reports the Irish dairy industry is to lose 3,000 farmers in the next 5 years
# who ya gonna call?
An Irish product that predicts when a cow will give birth is about to make it big time (oh, and it's called Moocall)
Quite apart from having the best name ever, Moocall works a treat. And it’s going to make its three founders a lot of money.
# Crash
Traffic delays after truck full of cattle overturns on the N11
The driver of the truck was taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries.
# i'm hungry
A cow tried to eat George Lee's coat on tonight's Six One News
It did look delicious, to be fair.
# our beef
Ireland becomes first EU country allowed to sell beef to the US since BSE ban
Beef from the EU has been banned from the US since it imposed its ban over fifteen years ago due to BSE.
# Moo
Enda: 'If there's no structure to get cattle into the ring then you have a fight every morning'
Wait, what?
# to the rescow
These hairy cows are a rare butterfly's best friend... here's why:
They’re also going to be helping snails. And all by eating grass.
# border town
Cattle-rustling: Man to face charges after border arrest
An illegal slaughterhouse was also found recently.
# farmer derek
Trombone-playing farmer serenades his cows with Jingle Bells
Because even cows want to get in on the holiday spirit.
# mooing on a jet plane
We've sent Romania a load of pregnant cows raised by prisoners
The cows will be send to impoverished communities in the country.
# EU summit
Ireland (and our cows) seem happy with a new agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions
EU leaders have agreed to cut emissions by 40 per cent on 1990 levels at a summit in Brussels overnight.
# Cattle
Our cows are emitting so much gas that Ireland is looking for help from the EU
The agriculture sector is looking for special treatment on new greenhouse gas targets.
# rustling
Stolen livestock slaughtered in illegal abattoirs could make it back to Irish consumers
The gardaí said there are three organised criminal gangs involved in the “rustling” of cattle.