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Crisps, Elvis and Riverdance: 30 of our favourite 'Irish Facts without Wikipedia'

The #irishfactsaboutwikipedia hashtag has been trending worldwide this afternoon. Here’s our country’s revised history.
Jan 18th 2012, 6:29 PM 10,642 18

AS YOU’RE PROBABLY aware, Wikipedia is one of several high-profile websites which has ‘blacked out’ today to protest at controversial anti-piracy legislation currently being considered in the United States’ Houses of Congress.

While other sides like Reddit – and even revered comics like Cyanide and Happiness, The Oatmeal and XKCD – have also blacked out, and Google’s US homepage has adopted a censorship bar – Wikipedia’s blackout has had a major impact for many, who had not realised how dependant they were on the site.

With the world’s largest encyclopaedia (almost) closed for the day, many have found themselves unable to verify basic facts about certain things – prompting the #factswithoutwikipedia hashtag to begin trending on Twitter within hours.

This afternoon, 2fm presenter Rick O’Shea asked his Twitter followers to suggest some #Irishfactswithoutwikipedia – and very quickly, the hashtag began to grow some new Hibernian legs all of its own.

Here’s 30 of our creative, funny and downright zany favourites, as posted to Twitter this afternoon.

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Gavan Reilly


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