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Poll: Have you climbed Croagh Patrick?
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Pilgrims urged to 'take care' as thousands prepare for Croagh Patrick climb
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Mountain rescuers urge people to 'be sensible' ahead of Reek Sunday climb up Croagh Patrick
'It's 7 Croagh Patricks' - A Leitrim man's 24-hour world record attempt
Charlie Bird says charity campaign will raise 'beyond €2 million' after Croagh Patrick climb
Charlie Bird: 'I am so thankful to the people who raised money and will climb with me today'
Charlie Bird
People warned to not climb Croagh Patrick as rescue attempts will take longer due to Covid risk
23 people injured as thousands climb Croagh Patrick for Reek Sunday
Mass and mountain rescuers: Thousands set to climb Croagh Patrick for Reek Sunday
Man airlifted from Croagh Patrick after falling on descent
Man airlifted to hospital as thousands climb Croagh Patrick
Barefoot pilgrims, 13 masses and 140 rescuers: Busy Reek Sunday climb up Croagh Patrick expected
A man nearly creased himself on RTÉ News but made a heroic last minute save
Man suffers heart attack, and others sustain serious injuries, on way up Croagh Patrick
There'll be eleven masses on Croagh Patrick this weekend for Reek Sunday
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Pilgrims are advised not to climb Croagh Patrick barefoot
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Three-year-old child treated for hypothermia on Croagh Patrick
Hundreds ignore warning not to climb Croagh Patrick, ten get hypothermia
Ireland's holiest mountain is crumbling - but that won't stop the barefoot pilgrims
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13 mountain rescue teams in Mayo for mass 'Reek Sunday' pilgrimage
Erosion of Croagh Patrick a major concern ahead of 'Reek Sunday' pilgrimage
Three people airlifted from Croagh Patrick after sustaining injuries
Opinion: Thousands of Irish people go on pilgrimage every year... but why?
Richard Scriven
Want an adventure? Try climbing Croagh Patrick, surfing Mullaghmore and horse-riding at Castle Leslie
Two people seriously injured during Croagh Patrick pilgrimage
Gardaí warn pilgrims to be careful ahead of Croagh Patrick trek
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Three casualties from Croagh Patrick pilgrimage
Poll: Have you climbed Croagh Patrick?
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