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21 acts of kindness to animals that will restore your faith in humanity

Prepare your feeeels.
Jul 29th 2015, 2:30 PM 13,830 15

WITH ALL THE cases of animal cruelty in the news lately, we thought we’d attempt to restore your faith in the good guys.

1. A neglected dog gets a haircut

2uahea5-630x420 Source: RAF

kjgnpqo-630x472 Source: RAF

Full story here.

2. A firefighter giving a koala a drink of water during Australia bushfires in 2009

dB4LD Source: AP Mark Pardew

3. This group of people taking care of an pup injured in a protest

4x0t9-people-doing-amazing-things-for-animals-03176 Source: Sunnyskyz

4. The people who made a wheelchair for this little pig, Chris P Bacon

iCfQyTf Source: Imgur

5. And the guy who fashioned one for his goldfish


vu7f7qo-630x472 Source: imgur

6. This police dog’s emotional farewell on his last trip to the vet

police-dog-salute-send-off Source: Old Conoly Memorial

7. These bikers who stopped to save a scared dog on the motorway

Source: WebTV34/YouTube

8. This thoughtful marine


9. This little girl with a heart of gold

qk0gi-people-doing-amazing-things-for-animals-03166 Source: Sunnyskyz

10. This fireman saving a cat from fire in Denmark

n1VXOS1 Source: Imgur

11. The elderly Australians who spend their time knitting jumpers for tiny penguins to prevent them licking toxic oil from their fur when rescued from spills

1725546_709307662423218_221990909_n-630x420 Source: PINP PenguinFoundation

12. A koala upgraded to first class on a flight

oAQroBi Source: Imgur

13. This goose getting some much-needed oxygen from a firefighter

KNXV Goose fido bag_1398312742355_4186042_ver1.0_640_480 Source: Fetch Foundation

14. This old lady feeding her pal with a little puppet

EOlCOpa Source: diebs via Imgur

15. A bunny had bunny slippers knit for it

p1461qM Source: Imgur

16. The little girl who made bunk beds for her cats

XKUggWE Source: Imgur

17. This retiring school dog who was added to the senior’s yearbook

GVuwBle Source: Imgur

18. And the service dog that actually graduated

sjgvy-people-doing-amazing-things-for-animals-03177 Source: Sunnyskyz

19. The little boys who did all they could to save this dog

1d80l-people-doing-amazing-things-for-animals-03182 Source: Sunnyskyz

20. This human who entertained the dolphins for once


21. And finally, this dedicated pair of best friends

right_in_the_feels_19 Source: Cavemancircus

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