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# cute dog

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# puptube
This little boy tried to train his puppy by making him watch YouTube videos
And the puppy is really trying!
# best pals
This 90-year-old grandad and his new dog are making people seriously emotional
SO cute.
# hugs for pugs
A stolen pug was reunited with her owner, and went absolutely NUTS
You would too if you’d just gotten stolen.
# The audacity of nope
Could this be the laziest dog in the whole world?
It’s fine. It didn’t need that ball anyway.
This dog waged a bitter battle with a bridge to keep his stick
You have to do what it takes for your stick.
# puppytube
This dog is terribly confused by the puppies 'inside' the computer
“Where ARE they though?”
# whisper it
So dogs can learn to whisper, apparently...
# whoops
This video of a dog completely failing at jumping is 15 seconds of pure joy
# dachsbull
So THIS is what a pitbull-dachshund mix looks like
It’s pretty cute.
# i'm so excited
Dog sees owner for the first time in years, passes out with excitement
It was just too much for its little body to take.
# together again
Watch this soldier's emotional reunion with his bomb-sniffing dog
Oh yeah. The feels are coming.
# paw-dy's day
Cute dog is enthralled by the Dublin St Patrick's Day parade
Who said dogs can’t join in the fun?
# Nap time
Watch as this tiny puppy is sung to sleep
Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little Taco…
# Lost dog
Lost Connolly Station dog and owner have yet to be reunited
She seems to have made a new friend at her temporary home overnight but she’s still looking for her owner.