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#cute dogs

This guy didn't know how long his sickly puppy would live, so he filmed her growing up

Pegasus’ story is going viral all across the world.

Oh nothing, just a tiny puppy being scared of his own hiccups

“What the hell ARE these things?”

10 dogs with better hair than you at Crufts

Hair game: strong.

Just a dog, wearing a teddy bear costume, running on a treadmill

Delightful. Cuddly. Adorable.

This firmly asleep pitbull puppy is you every weekday morning


8 dogs who just really want one tiny slice of your pizza, okay?

Just one slice. It’s not gonna kill you.

Stressed Trinity students studying for their exams can now get "canine therapy"

That’s exactly what you think it means.

Hopeful dog tries to jump on couch, fails spectacularly

He’s gonna make it! ….He didn’t make it.

Tiny puppy masterfully puts bigger dog in its place at dinner time

Little Sadie is having none of Foxey’s nonsense.

Who wouldn't love to be welcomed home by this singing deaf dog?

Nobody sings when we come through the door.

How can you tell if you're a dog person?

Allow us to help.

Adorable dogs who want to be invited to 'The Gathering' Too Cute This post contains images

Adorable dogs who want to be invited to 'The Gathering'

Cute dogs who love dressing in all things green and are totally opposed to Gabriel Byrne’s thoughts that The Gathering is a “scam”.