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Domhnall Gleeson was the ultimate fangirl for Jennifer Lawrence at the Mother! premiere

These two need to become a couple asap.

This lovely story about a Bus Eireann driver's act of kindness in Cork is taking over Facebook

Driver Gabor stopped to help a man with dementia and has become a local hero.

Just 12 photos of Michael D with his dogs Bród and Shadow

“Just resting the head here.”

Drake and Josh were reunited last night and this wonderful photo captured the moment

~It’s gonna take some time, to realise~

What happened after Athlone's two biggest Everton fans flew over to watch the match and meet the team is amazing

The Supermac’s employee and his favourite customer Francis have been on an absolute roller coaster.

Chelsea Handler shed tears during a heartfelt video advocating for rescue animals

She told the story of how much improvement she saw in one of her rescue dogs.

A Supermac's worker in Athlone bought a brilliant present for a long-term customer with autism

They both support Everton, so yesterday he got him his own jersey.

15 times Gordon Ramsay was unexpectedly sweet

He can’t watch a child cry on Masterchef Junior without intervening.

Fair City's Ryan O'Shaughnessy did a special performance to help a little girl out with her bucket list

The Voice of Ireland star is her favourite singer.

Simon Cowell has paid for the life-changing surgery of a 15-year-old Britain's Got Talent finalist

Much like Gordon Ramsey, he can actually be very sweet sometimes.

Two students who went viral over a joke on Tinder that lasted three years have finally met in person

Tinder let them pick any city in the world for their first date.

Dermot O'Leary shared a moving tribute to his cat Silver on Instagram after it passed away

If you’ve ever lost a pet, get ready to shed a tear.

15 times Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were just the soundest

From parenting to piss taking, they’re number one.

The story of a Ballyfermot man who makes curries for homeless people in Dublin has blown up on Reddit

Brian is a volunteer with A Lending Hand and his story is taking over the internet.

35 tweets that will make you laugh if you're obsessed with dogs

This is exactly how you should be easing yourself into the weekend.

This man's inspirational words on the eve of his 89th birthday have gone viral on Humans of Dublin

“I always had a big breakfast, that is the foundation for a long life”

Kendrick Lamar gave a life changing gift to a fan this week

‘Cause he’s sound.

People are applauding Harry from McFly after he spoke out about sexist parenting habits

He doesn’t want his daughter to ever think that girls aren’t as good as boys.

People are absolutely loving Blue Ivy's freestyle verse on the new Jay Z album

People believe Blue Ivy is better than most Soundcloud rappers.

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